Biden Admin Floated Plan To Use School Children To Register Democrat-Leaning Voters


The Biden Administration considered using school children as part of a plan to best voter registration among a Democrat-leaning demographic, emails obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust have revealed.

In 2022, officials at the Department of the Interior (DOI) developed a scheme to use Native American students attending Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) schools to help register their parents to vote.

The plan was hatched after a poll conducted by the African American Research Collaborative found that Native Americans strongly preferred Democrat candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. In total, 56 percent of respondents indicated their plans to vote for a Democrat candidate while just 40 percent planned to support the GOP.

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BIE then raised the possibility of using students to make sure their largely pro-Democrat parents were registered to vote. “Department leadership is proposing having BIE send home voter registration cards with students to give to their parents,” BIE team leader Jennifer Wiginton wrote in a February 2022 email.

The agency’s suggestion was brought forward after President Biden signed Executive Order 14019 in March 2021, which called on the heads of federal agencies to “evaluate ways in which the agency can, as appropriate and consistent with applicable law, promote voter registration and voter participation.”

BIE’s Native American voter registration plan was hatched in order to comply with Biden’s executive order, according to DOI attorney-adviser Joshua Berg. In a March 2022 email, Berg explained that he and his colleagues had “developed a plan to distribute voter registration applications at BIE schools so that school children bring home voter registration applications to their parents and/or guardians.”

If enacted, the federal government would have provided “return envelopes with pre-paid postage” under Berg’s plan, “so that parents and/or guardians mail in their completed voter registration applications directly to the corresponding elections office in their state.”

As a division of the Department of the Interior, BOI provides funding for 183 elementary and secondary schools across 64 Native American reservations in 23 states, according to the agency’s website. Roughly 46,000 children attend these schools across the United States,  53 of which are directly administered by the BIE and 130 of which are tribally operated, Newsmax reported.

Additional emails revealed that Berg reached out to DOI Deputy Assistant Secretary Eric Werwa to discuss steps for implementing the plan.

It appears as though the plan was never enacted, however. A DOI spokesperson told the Daily Caller that “there was no program to distribute voter registration materials to children attending BIE schools.”

Native American voters were key to President Biden’s narrow election victory in Arizona in 2020, a report from the Associated Press found.

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