‘YOU’RE A CROOK’: House Floor Devolves Into Mayhem As GOP Reps. Trade Insults


The U.S. House of Representatives witnessed a heated exchange on Thursday, resulting in an extremely charged atmosphere. Representative Max Miller (R-OH) openly accused his coworker, George Santos (R-NY), of being a “criminal”

Previously this month, your house Committee on Ethics published an extensive 56-page report describing the charges against Santos.

Santos sought to have Miller’s words stricken from the record, however. “My coworker wants to show up here, call me a crook,” Santos began.” [The] very same colleague who’s implicated of being a lady beater.”

The report concluded that Santos had actually prioritized his personal interests over ethical commitments as a public servant. The examination showed substantial proof of unlawful activities, leading Santos to expect the possibility of being removed from Congress for some time now.

Adding to the strength, Representative Marc Molinaro (R-NY) criticized Santos for being “separated from reality” and taking part in deceitful behavior that misguided voters and exploited election laws for personal gain.

“He has actually manufactured his entire life to defraud the citizens of his district and truthful choice for a member of Congress,” Molinaro stated. He has actually lied to donors and to coworkers, benefiting from election law, using project funds to personally benefit himself and he has maligned not only his office but the institution itself.”

“He has lost the right to serve in this Home and I will vote to expel him.”

Around 90 Home Republicans have been set to support the expulsion of Santos from Congress this week according to internal reports. Santos, in a defiant address on Tuesday, questioned the credibility of the expulsion process.

“In history, five members of Congress have actually been expelled,” Santos specified. “All 5 had actually suffered convictions in a court.”

“All 5 had due process. This expulsion vote just undermines and underscores the precedent that we’ve had in this chamber. It starts and puts us in a brand-new direction, a hazardous one that sets an extremely dangerous precedent for the future.”

This follows Santos’ very first federal indictment in May 2023, where he preserved his innocence against all charges. Santos’s issues resonate with some Republicans, including House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who had likewise voiced his bookings about the expulsion.

“I stated that the Republican Party is the rule of law group, and we are,” said your home Speaker. “We believe in the rule of law. There are people of excellent faith who make an argument both benefits and drawback for the expulsion resolution for Santos.”

“I personally have real bookings about doing this. I’m concerned about a precedent that might be set for that,” Johnson said.

The U.S. House of Representatives has actually expelled members 5 times in its history. These expulsions was because of serious offenses and are as follows:

  • John B. Clark (Missouri) and John W. Reid (Missouri), 1861: Both were expelled for taking up arms versus the Union throughout the Civil War.
  • Henry C. Burnett (Kentucky), 1861: Similarly, Burnett was expelled for supporting the Confederacy during the Civil War.
  • Michael Myers (Pennsylvania), 1980: Myers was expelled after being convicted of bribery, conspiracy, and travel act infractions in the Abscam scandal, a prominent FBI sting operation that targeted political corruption.
  • James Traficant (Ohio), 2002: Traficant was expelled after being convicted on charges of bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion. He was only the 2nd member to be expelled because the Civil War.