You won’t think who John Fetterman wishes to expel from the U.S. Senate


Photo by Governor Tom Wolf by means of Wikimedia, public domain

John Fetterman just selected a brand-new fight.

This is a political disaster for the Democrat Celebration.

And you won’t believe who John Fetterman wishes to expel from the U.S. Senate.

Federal prosecutors submitted a superseding indictment versus New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez.

District attorneys declared Menendez acted as an unregistered agent of the Egyptian federal government by apparently promising to provide favors in exchange for allurements from 3 business owners.

” [Menendez] further assured to take and took a series of acts on behalf of Egypt, including on behalf of Egyptian military and intelligence officials, and conspired to do so with [Will Hana] and [Menendez’s partner Nadine Menendez], the defendants, who likewise interacted requests and instructions from Egyptian authorities to MENENDEZ,” the indictment read.

The indictment included pictures of Menendez and his better half meeting with an unnamed Egyptian authorities in his Senate office in 2018.

District attorneys declare that in this conference, Menendez passed along delicate details about the U.S. Embassy in Egypt.

“Later that very same day, Menendez sought from the State Department non-public info concerning the number and nationality of individuals serving at the United States Embassy in Cairo, Egypt,” the indictment included. “Although this information was not categorized, it was deemed highly sensitive because it could present substantial operational security issues if disclosed to a foreign government or revealed.”

Menendez will not resign and swore to run for re-election.

This puts a safe seat in a deep blue state at risk for Democrats in the 2024 election.

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was the very first Democrat to get in touch with Fetterman to resign when district attorneys dropped the initial bribery indictment.

Since then, the Democrats’ political dilemma only grew worse.

Now Fetterman is upping his demand arguing the Senate should expel Menendez right away.

“Senator Menendez need to not be a U.S. Senator. He must have been gone long back. It is time for every single among my associates in the Senate to join me in expelling Senator Menendez. We can not have an alleged foreign agent in the United States Senate,” Fetterman published on social media.

“This is not a close call,” Fetterman concluded.

If Democrats have to safeguard Menendez’s seat next year the celebration remains in huge difficulty.

But will Chuck Schumer actually follow through on the motion to expel Menendez?