You won’t think the favor the NFL provided for this Trump-hating star


Photo by Taylor Swift by means of Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The NFL is now swallowed up in a massive debate.

Instead of concentrating on the play on the field, all the attention is on the sideshow.

And you won’t believe the favor the NFL did for this Trump-hating celeb.

The NFL is all-in on the Taylor Swift phenomenon.

Swift– who repeatedly denounced Donald Trump as a racist– is now the NFL’s primary tourist attraction.

Ever since rumors began swirling that Kansas City Chiefs star tight end Travis Kelce was dating Swift– the biggest pop music star on the planet– the NFL started trying to acquire Swift’s popularity.

Swift is in the middle of her “Eras” world trip, which is setting records with more than $1 billion in tickets offered.

For the previous 2 games, Swift showed up in a high-end box to enjoy the Chiefs bet the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets.

Both video games drew greater than typical ratings as an increased number of female fans tuned in.

The league changed their Instagram bio to check out “the Chiefs are 2-0 as Swifties” (the name for Swift’s fans), which resulted in charges of predisposition as the Chiefs beat the Jets 23-20 after a number of horrific calls by the refs all entered the Chiefs favor.

Now it appears the NFL is attempting to get into business of Taylor Swift.

The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand reported that the league sent a memo to their TV broadcast partners– CBS, Fox, NBC, and ESPN– asking them to play totally free commercials for the theatrical release of a movie based on her “Eras” tour.

“In the NFL’s undying quest for Taylor Swift’s heart, it asked its networks– NBC, ESPN, Fox, and CBS– to reveal discounts for her upcoming movie free of charge, the Post has discovered,” Marchand reported.

CBS and Fox declined while ESPN and NBC played along.

“ESPN and NBC gave in to the demand and revealed promotions for Swift’s motion picture throughout the content part of their pregame shows this past Sunday and Monday,” Marchand added.

A reaction is brewing among fans tired of the NFL making a woke pop singer the particular focus of the league.

When Swift appeared in Kansas City for the Chiefs video game against the Bears and in MetLife stadium for the video game against the New York Jets, Swift got as much airtime as a few of the gamers as video cameras cut to her to reveal her every response.

Football fans have had sufficient and want the networks that relay the games to stick to sports.