You will not think who Sean Hannity backed to be Speaker of your house


Jim Jordan, Picture by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 2.0) licenses/by-sa/2.0/ deed.en

The Speaker of the House is uninhabited.

Conservatives ousted Kevin McCarthy and the race is on to replace him.

And you will not believe who Sean Hannity endorsed to be Speaker of the House.

The 2 competitors to end up being the next Speaker of the House are Majority Steve Scalise and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

Both Jordan and Scalise are attempting to line up support within the rank-and-file to protect the 218 votes needed to become the next Speaker.

Now it appears like Jordan owns an important leg up in the race.

That’s since Sean Hannity– who many deem a proxy for Donald Trump’s dreams– backed Jordan.

“It was also– and I understand this for a reality– regretfully it was likewise personal. You understand what? It’s company, it should not be personal, now there will be a new speaker. We understand that both House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Home Bulk Leader Steve Scalise, they now both are formally in, they are going to be speaker. Let me inform you where I am tonight, make no error, I like Steve Scalise. I believe he’s a fantastic leader, I believe he’s an actually hero. He’s a patriot,” Hannity began.

Hannity revealed concerns about the physical needs of the Speakership on Scalise, keeping in mind that the Louisiana Republican is undergoing cancer treatment for several myeloma.

“However I personally am worried for him for one, really, really real reason. It’s not going to be easy to run for Speaker. He happens to be going through cancer treatment today and I desire his health to be put initially. I truly suggest that when I say that. I don’t think he must be altering his position at this time,” Hannity included.

Hannity explained that there was absolutely nothing individual about his choice which Scalise’s health scare led Hannity to conclude that Jordan was the best person for the job.

“With that in mind, once again no personal anything associated with this, my option for chairman, my option for speaker, the very best alternative I believe we have is Jim Jordan,” Hannity concluded.

The last 5 Republican Speakers all resigned or were ousted.

Conservatives will no longer accept the facility’s excuses as to why the government keeps growing and the national financial obligation balloons every year.

Lots of conservatives see Scalise as an extension of the McCarthy leadership, which is why they are lining up behind Jordan.