Yankees Legend Dunks on Woke Culture


Yankees Legend Dunks on Woke Culture – Then Nails Liberal Announcer with 4 Brutal Words

What’s Happening:

This weekend, the New York Yankees hosted a time-honored tradition called “Old Timer’s Day.” Before a regular game, the team brought back many of the legendary players from the Yankee’s storied history.

This year, some of the great players who helped secure recent Yankee history were on the field. That included iconic pitcher David Wells, who pitched a perfect game in 1998 and helped the team win the World Series. But, there was a problem, Wells was forced to wear a jersey with the Nike logo on it. So, the beloved Yankee decided to set the record straight.

From Daily Caller:

During the celebration, commemorating Wells’ 1998 Yankees and their World Series win, Wells covered up the Nike symbol on his Yankees uniform with tape…

“I hate Nike! They’re woke!” the former lefty hurler exclaimed, per The Athletic.

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Whoa. Yankees legend David Wells covered up the Nike logo on his uniform. He even said that, if he was playing today, he’d cut the logo off his jersey. The reason? Nike has become “woke” according to the ball player.

He went on to call out other companies for siding with the woke left. Wells vowed to never drink Bud Light again, along with millions of Americans, for taking a side in the transgender battle. A former baseball commentator and liberal newsman, Keith Olbermann, was offended by Wells’ statements.

Olbermann called Wells’ criticisms of woke culture “bulls**t” and went on to insult the iconic Yankee. So, the fiery ballplayer decided to give Olbermann a piece of his mind.

Ouch. Wells shut down Olbermann’s politically-colored attacks by saying he “never played the game.” Wells criticized Olbermann’s career, even calling into question his journalistic credentials. Olbermann has a long history of being fired by major news outlets.

What we can conclude with certainty is this: David Wells is no fan of wokeism. And if you call his honesty into question, he’ll make you regret it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Yankees legend David Wells bashed Nike and Bud Light for going woke.
  • Former news anchor Keith Olbermann insulted Wells over the comments.
  • Wells blasted Olbermann, calling into question his credentials.

Source: Daily Caller