White Boy Forced to Kneel and Kiss Feet of Migrants….


If there is one thing that unites all humans, it is our inherent desire for dignity, respect, and safety.

However, every now and then, an occurrence occurs that not only shatters this universal ethos but also reveals the obvious double standards that exist in our society’s discourse on race.

The unsettling footage from Zelzate, a Flemish province in Belgium, bears witness to these disparities.

Consider the horrifying scenario in which a young boy is besieged, ridiculed, and beaten by a group of young people.

After forcing him to kneel and kiss their feet, the criminals proceed to physically assault him while laughing at his anguish.

It’s a sight that would elicit outrage and indignation regardless of the race of those involved.

However, if the races had been reversed, the reaction would have been more dramatic and widespread.

To be clear, every act of bullying, regardless of the victim’s or perpetrator’s ethnicity, should be strongly denounced.

The victim’s anguish and the attackers’ malice are universal.

But we must consider whether society is universally outraged when such incidents occur.

Watch the following violent and frightening video:

Filip Dewinter’s comments highlight the obvious racial dynamic of this episode. If his claim that this was a premeditated act of “humiliation of non-Muslims” is correct, it pulls us into an awkward conversation.

Is there a blind spot in society when it comes to racist or prejudiced acts done against traditionally majority groups?

This is not a problem limited to Belgium or this specific occurrence.

The wider concern is whether society gives uneven weight to acts of prejudice based on the victim’s racial or ethnic background.

If the response is affirmative, even if it is implicit, it suggests a disturbing and dysfunctional empathy hierarchy.

While it is critical to be cautious and not jump to conclusions, this episode calls for a bigger conversation.

Every victim of racial or ethnic prejudice deserves to have their sorrow and experience respected.

Otherwise, society risks nurturing animosity and mistrust, increasing differences even deeper.

It’s past time to ensure that every act of racial violence is treated with the same outrage and drive for justice, regardless of skin color.

Fox News has more details on the devastating accident:

A boy was humiliated and beaten to tears by a “bullying gang” of youngsters – suspected of migrant origin – in Zelzate, a Flemish region in Belgium, according to a video that went viral on social media last week.

According to a video that circulated online, six young people surround a boy. The gang forces him to get on his knees and kiss their feet.

“Kiss, kiss,” the gang demands. After the boy complies with their requests by force, he is punched in his head and face several times. The gang laughs and leaves.

The identities of the gang members involved in the criminal assault, which reportedly occurred on Aug. 11, were not immediately revealed by police.

The president of Vlaams Belang, the Flemish far-right populist party, called the video “disgusting.” Some in the party suspected the gang were of migrant origin.

“[A] White Flemish child has to kiss the feet of Muslims,” Filip Dewinter said, calling it the “humiliation of the non-Muslims.”

Immigration has always been a controversial issue in a world defined by borders. However, it is sometimes the unintended repercussions that are the most harmful.

Europe has long struggled with a migrant issue, which has resulted in terrible incidents like the bullying incident in Zelzate, Belgium. A

And if you thought this was a problem only on the other side of the Atlantic, think again.

In our own city, New York, there is a growing catastrophe that experts like Howard Wolfson call a “ticking time bomb.”

When former heavyweight Michael Bloomberg’s deputy mayor uses such language, it should serve as a wake-up call to everyone: This is real, and it’s occurring right on our doorstep.

While compassion should be central to any immigration policy, safety and security are equally important. Remember the unlucky Belgian boy?

As we reflect on his ordeal, we must also remember former President Trump’s words of caution. While many migrants come to the United States with good intentions and dreams of a better life, it is foolish to suppose that every individual entering the nation illegally shares the same beliefs.

So the question is, are we willing to risk our communities’ safety?

The good news is that this could spell electoral victory for conservatives in 2024.

The Free Beacon reports:

Democrats are worried that the worsening migrant crisis in New York could have disastrous implications for the Democratic Party.

“There is no question in my mind that the politics of this is a disaster to Democrats,” Howard Wolfson, who was a deputy mayor and political adviser for former mayor Michael Bloomberg, told the New York Times. He described the issue as a “ticking time bomb” for the party. “This issue alone has the potential to cost Democrats the House, because it is such a huge issue in New York City and the coverage of it is clearly heard and seen by voters in all of these swing districts in the suburbs.”

The conflict over how to handle tens of thousands of migrants coming from the southern border has brought scrutiny on Democratic leaders, namely Governor Kathy Hochul and New York City mayor Eric Adams.

“It’s just a question of when this all sort of explodes,” Charlie King, former Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, told the Times. “I just don’t know how long you can evade this, and I don’t know that it gets better in the next 18 to 24 months.”

As the migratory issues worsen, our country is at a crossroads that will determine not only our political environment, but also the entire fabric of our society.

If the episode in Belgium taught us anything, it’s that problems on other countries’ soil may swiftly become cautionary stories for our own.

The clock is ticking, and only time will disclose the long-term ramifications of our current decisions.

Is crime one of your top concerns for 2024?

What about border protection?

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