What Would Happen If Nuclear War Started With Russia and the United States?


If a nuclear war were to break out between Russia and the United States right now, it would have catastrophic consequences. The “Future of Life Institute” has produced a scientifically accurate simulation to highlight the probable effects.

This simulation includes detailed modeling, looking into possible nuclear targets, figuring out the paths of missiles, and guessing how nuclear explosions, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), and the air smoke they create will affect the climate and food supplies around the world.

To be clear, the point of these simulations is to highlight how urgently the world community needs to work toward peace and disarmament.

A nuclear war of this scale would be an existential danger to mankind, and its aftermath would leave the existence of any given group or territory in doubt.

The scariest thing about this scenario is that it has moved from “never going to happen; no one would be that crazy” to “maybe next week” in the past few years.

Learn more about the risks posed by nuclear weapons and find out how you can take action to reduce the risks here: https://nuclearweapons.info/

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