WATCH: MTG Shreds Judge’s Gag Order On Trump Outdoors Courthouse


U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan’s choice to impose a restricted gag order on previous president Donald Trump has actually drawn fierce criticism, especially from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). The order, which limits Trump from making sure public comments ahead of his trial for supposed election disturbance, has been met sharp rebuke from Trump’s allies.

Greene, who voiced her concerns from the Federal courthouse in D.C., required to Twitter to lambast the choice. “Today, a Democrat judge issued an order gagging President Trump, ruining the First Change,” she tweeted. Greene went on to compare the courtroom to the “Ministry of Truth,” referencing George Orwell’s dystopian book, “1984.”

“The judge was also talking about how this isn’t about the court of public opinion, but yet media is enabled to sit in the courtroom, which develops public opinion, what’s composed in the headings and the stories that are composed, but yet President Trump can’t state anything about the courtroom and safeguard himself,” Greene said.

“This is indicated to injure him politically,” she continued. “This is implied to sway popular opinion and popular opinion guides how people vote. So public opinion is necessary, however Jack Smith didn’t bring charges against President Trump till he ended up being a prospect for the presidency.”

Judge Chutkan, selected by former President Barack Obama, enforced a restricted gag order on previous President Trump earlier on Monday ahead of his trial for supposed election interference. The decision came in response to a demand by district attorneys who raised issues about potential disturbance with the judicial procedure.

The gag order forbids Trump, his legal team, and all associated celebrations from revealing remarks that target unique counsel Jack Smith, his team, Judge Chutkan’s staff, or other court personnel. Clearly, comments about the families of these people have been deemed off-limits.

Chutkan stated that Trump has the right to assert that “this prosecution is politically inspired,” yet he’s forbidden from using bad terms like “punk” for the prosecutor or acting that “vilify and implicitly encourage violence versus public servants who are simply doing their tasks.”

The case at the center of this controversy revolves around claims that Trump may have prompted the riots on January sixth, 2021. Trump has previously labeled lead district attorney Jack Smith as “deranged,” saying that Smith’s pursuits against him are politically inspired.

Greene knocked Democrats, saying, “This whole thing is run by Joe Biden, who is his political opponent. So undoubtedly everybody will see this for precisely what it is. It’s the weaponized federal government, which we should never ever see in the United States of America.”

While the First Amendment secures Trump’s right to flexibility of speech, this ruling challenges his capability to work out that right in the context of ongoing lawsuits. Judge Chutkan had formerly cautioned Trump about his remarks, hinting at potentially speeding up the trial to mitigate prospective jury prejudice.

“Flexibility of speech is such an essential right, and at what point will it stop? Today, the court is weaponized in stopping freedom of speech of a previous president who has actually not been condemned. He’s only been charged, he’s been arraigned,” Greene stated in her closing statement.