WATCH: Joy Behar Furious After ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Mock Her Mercilessly for Falling Off Chair During The Show Last Year; Hosts Joked About It During Recent Episode



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Things are getting dicey again on ABC’s “The View.”

Co-host Joy Behar was reportedly upset with her colleagues during a recent show for mocking her as they discussed an incident in 2022 where she fell off her chair live on air, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

In March 2022, Joy had a fall at the start of an episode, and her co-hosts had to help her up as the live studio audience watched in surprise.

Now, 16 months later, Joy wanted to talk about the incident, but it led to a clash with Whoopi, 67, after the head panelist confessed something: “It scared us so badly.”

As Joy attempted to explain that the swivel chair caused her fall, Whoopi and the rest of the panel, including Sara Haines, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and guest host Rachel Lindsay, burst into laughter and teased her about her excuse, the outlet reported.


“You act like it’s not true!” Behar protested as her co-hosts continued to giggle.

But in reality, it was Behar who brought up the incident as the panel was discussing what happened to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell earlier in the week.

The Kentucky Republican caused great concern when he appeared to freeze at the podium as he was addressing reporters. After a lengthy pause, other GOP senators moved in to assist him; he reappeared several minutes later and finished the presser, telling reporters he was “fine.”

After watching the footage, Goldberg remarked: “I mean, that is scary, that is scary to watch.”

“He’s not well. He keeps falling too,” Behar responded, then added, “Remember when I fell on stage?”

“I do! I wasn’t even going to bring it up,” Goldberg replied, which led Behar to say, “I don’t care.”

“Because it scared us so badly,” said Goldberg.

“Why? My tush missed the seat! That’s all. I was trying and the thing swung and I went down,” said Behar.

Below is the recent segment where Behar didn’t like her co-hosts making light of the situation:

The clip below is from 2022 when Behar accidentally slipped out of her chair:

But Goldberg didn’t let it go, saying: “No, that wasn’t all. Listen, you didn’t see what we saw.”

“What did you see?” asked Behar.

“We saw you trying to figure out how to not fall onto the floor and that was scary because we didn’t know whether to catch you and annoy you because we’re touching you…” Goldberg replied.


That led Behar to interrupt: “The chair was moving! It was like a ride at Coney Island!”

Goldberg then mocked her, “Uh-huh. No, the chair was moving…” as the rest of the panelists laughed.

“It was! It was swirling! That’s why we have these chairs. You act like it’s not true. These are new chairs!” Behar insisted.

Looking somewhat frustrated with the back-and-forth, Goldberg then said, “Okay. They’re not new to my behind because my behind doesn’t fit in this chair as I’ve mentioned many times!


“The other one, my butt fit on, but it was not good for you. So we give what we can,” she added before going to a commercial break.

This week, the co-hosts charged Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis with attacking black people and disregarding their voting rights and history in response to the Florida Department of Education adopting a course on slavery and African American history.

“Listen. We’ve built the White House, we have — listen. I’m tired of explaining it. I’m tired of explaining it. You know, and just so we’re clear, we’re not going anywhere. We’ve been here, Mr. DeSantis. Many of us have been here for generations. Can you say the same? No, I don’t think he can,” Goldberg declared in an emotional outburst.

Florida education officials, including a black academic who helped develop the curriculum, have fired back, insisting that the one section liberals have focused on saying that some slaves learned a craft while under bondage that proved beneficial to them after slavery was constitutionally banned is historically accurate.