(WATCH) HUGE VICTORY for Conservative France as Le Pen Wins Election, Sparks Liberal Riots


Ah, Paris.

The City of Love, non?

Oui, it is.

And what is more lovely than to riot like maniacs after losing a proper election?

Ah, that is true democracy, according the liberals, apparently.

You see, the conservatives gained a massive victory.

Marine Le Pen, a proper right-wing politician, won the major election in the European parliament race.

She should’ve won in 2017 against Macron to be President. I told a French lady I knew at the time to vote for Le Pen, but she said “non”. If she would’ve listened, I would have single-handedly saved France. (That is, if Le Pen lost by 1 vote. She might have, I haven’t checked.)

But alas, here we are.

And redemption is near for France as Le Pen found another route to help the nation.

So, what does Deep State asset President Macron do?

He hits the reset button!

This dissolves the national assembly, setting new elections for June 30th.

Nothing says “my democracy” more than, “Uh, let’s change zee election, non? We are losing!”

Being a tyrant is the new democracy.

Marine Le Pen has warned French President Emmanuel Macron that he will ‘soon pay the price’ for his treachery.

I can’t wait for her to become the next President of France and hold Macron accountable for his crimes! 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/IMnWswHMCZ

— Cillian (@CilComLFC) June 10, 2024

Here are the election stats followed by Macron declaring his tyrannical decision:

Macron. The pompous WEF puppet’s speech translated.😡

“I have decided to give you back the choice…this is a serious & weighty decision, but above all it is an act of trust. Confidence in you, my dear compatriots.”pic.twitter.com/XWqcBVvAqV

— Info Battle Maiden (@info_maiden) June 9, 2024

Liberal Belgium Prime Minister Alexander De Croo to resign after his party’s brutal loss to “far-right” parties in the national and European elections.

Here he is crying about the loss.

Liberal leaders in Europe are panicking now that their citizens are supporting hardline… pic.twitter.com/QyiBfzyOuZ

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) June 10, 2024

This is what happens when you put immigrants before your own people.

You love to see it.

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) June 10, 2024

Look at their shocked reactions.

Hon, hon, hon. I laugh at them in French because they lose.

Nothing more delicious than a fresh cup of commie tears in the morning.

America is next. pic.twitter.com/kbG5JZuUpO

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) June 10, 2024

Did you laugh too? Hon hon hon, we laugh together.

And so what are the left doing in response?

Rioting? Sacre bleu! I thought they were tolerant?

I thought they would honor the elections no matter what the results were?

BREAKING: Far-left radicals are rioting in Paris over the “far-right” landslidepic.twitter.com/XfCy5IFCdt

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) June 10, 2024

This person summed it up beautifully:

To them, it’s only ‘democracy’ when they win.

So true!

To protest against Marine Le Pen’s historic victory in the European Elections, far-left activists and migrant thugs have taken to the streets in Paris.

They promise to combat ‘fascism’ by any means necessary. Remember, to them, it’s only ‘democracy’ when they win. pic.twitter.com/VLJdbql8Li

— Lambrusco (@lambruscov) June 9, 2024

The Guardian reports:

Protests broke out in Paris on Sunday as Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally party won a sweeping victory in the European parliament elections, gaining 32% of the vote. As the results came in, the French president, Emmanuel Macron, announced he was dissolving the national assembly and called for legislative elections to begin on 30 June. Demonstrators chanted anti-fascist slogans in Paris’s Place de la République.

Fouad Khayat, 27, a protester, said: ‘People like me – on top of which I’m a Muslim – we’ll be the first victims of Emmanuel Macron’s risky bet if, tomorrow, we find ourselves with a far-right prime minister in our country’

Oh no, the poor Muslim might not get special treatment if a proper French prime minister is voted in. Anything but that!

And here we see the brainwashed on parade.

Apparently, years of being butchered by foreign invaders hasn’t helped change their minds.

Random night out in Paris interrupted by protests outside Gare de l’Est

No idea what it’s about!#Paris pic.twitter.com/px3fe6RXC3

— Marc Taylor (@marc_taylor) June 10, 2024

The stronghold the Left has over the minds of the youth is really incredible, even in France.

Imagine fighting against your own prosperity, health and family.

Throughout #France hundreds of thousands have come out in protest today against the rise of the Far Right – and the role of centrists in facilitating it

Here, Place de la République, Paris


— Michael H. (@MichaelH14) June 10, 2024

LIVE: The protest against the far-right in Bordeaux, France is now intensifying. #France #Paris #Europénnes2024 #BREAKING pic.twitter.com/wGqJYZmMmN

— Target Reporter (@Target_Reporter) June 10, 2024

Here’s one lunatic risking his neck to pull down a France flag.

Curious how these liberals all hate the country they’re from.

Far-left radicals are rioting in Paris over the “far-right” landslide#ParissousTutelle#France #Farleft#farright#right#Left#Antifa#Antifacista#LePen#antifascist#Riot#RiotFrance
F/3 pic.twitter.com/RWJBfh5GTk

— Politics World Wide Web (@PoliticsWWWeb) June 10, 2024

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