WATCH: Historian Eviscerates ‘Vital Legal Theory’ Used By Liberals To Tear Down Trump


Tucker Carlson spun a traumatic portrait of the legal attempts by liberals to prevent former President Donald Trump from taking part in next year’s election, even if it indicates weaponizing the court system at all levels to do so.

Speaking directly to viewers Monday night, Carlson opened his sector with coverage of President Trump’s most recent trial in New York where he is appealing a ruling that he declares enormously underestimated his Mar-a-Lago home and threatens to destabilize his eponymous real estate empire. The suit from Democratic Attorney General Letitia James is “developed clearly to keep him out of the White Home,” Carlson declared.

“This year, in the name of protecting democracy, liberals have actually chosen to strip Donald Trump’s name from the ballot in states across the country. Trump is the frontrunner in the governmental race. He’s presently beating Joe Biden in the surveys. Yet liberals have actually chosen that you need to not be allowed to elect him president. That’s not democracy, it’s the opposite. It’s totalitarianism,” Carlson informed viewers.

This “grotesque parody of the system that our predecessors developed,” Carlson included, is threatening the democratic structure of America. He then turned to visitor Victor Davis Hanson who explained why President Trump is merely a stand-in for everyday Americans being put on trial by liberals’ actions.

Hanson, a historian and author, said the country’s “safety valves” are being jeopardized by liberals who think the millions of migrants streaming into the country is just the beginning, and that Americans should accept President Biden’s “corruption” as they invite his basic change of America.

“I think there’s one last effort on the part of conservatives who will say you know what, we’re going to speak up as we’ve never spoken up before,” Hanson said, mentioning pushes to boycott Disney, Target, and other retailers accompanying the “woke” corporate agenda touted by the Biden administration.

Nevertheless, Hanson included, conservatives need to pay specific attention to the legal effort to undo President Trump’s return. The current suit in New york city is part of a “crucial legal theory” to undo personal capital and threatens to repossess the former president’s home.

“The left … wants to take the leading Republican prospect, and they wish to create charges versus him which they know they would have never lodged had he just stated ‘I do not wish to run for president,'” Hanson concluded.

President Trump now faces 5 trials covering both civil and criminal matters across various states and the federal government. A special counsel selected by the Biden Justice Department has actually implicated the Republican frontrunner of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election and mishandling categorized documents drawn from his time in the White House. A separate New york city investigation implicates the previous president of fraudulently filing company records while a Democratic district attorney in Georgia is likewise trying to tie the president to alleged attempts to reverse the state’s 2020 election outcomes.

President Trump has actually pleaded innocent to all 91 counts versus him. He faces centuries in prison if founded guilty.

Enjoy Tucker’s complete interview with Victor Davis Hanson here: