WATCH: Former Iowa coach speaks out after Caitlin Clark not picked for Olympics


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Caitlin Clark of the Indiana Fever

(WASHINGTON POST) — MS. JENKINS: Hello, and welcome to Washington Post Live. I’m Sally Jenkins. I’m a sports columnist for The Post, and we’re here today for the latest in our series, “Leveling the Playing Field.” And our guest is former Iowa Hawkeyes women’s basketball coach Lisa Bluder.

Lisa, welcome to the show. We’re so glad to have you today.

MS. BLUDER: Oh, it’s my pleasure, and I’m still not used to hearing that word “former” before my title and my name there. It still feels weird.

.@LisaBluder on Caitlin Clark being left off the women’s Olympic team, “I obviously would’ve loved to have seen her on that team … But we have to remember it the hardest team to make. The 12 women they have chosen are exceptional women. My only but is, what about the future?”

— Washington Post Live (@PostLive) June 10, 2024

MS. JENKINS: Hey, it feels weird for the rest of us. I was sick–I was sick at heart when I heard you were hanging up your spurs, because you’re obviously one of the greats of the–in the entire history of the game, and we’re going to get to your record.

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