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Hunter Biden, the prodigal son of President Joe Biden, has shown a lack of interest, to say the least, in embracing his four-year-old daughter from a dalliance with a stripper, Navy Joan Roberts.

The product of a brief and reckless affair, the young girl is undeserving of the attention her father has failed to provide. Though it would be expected for the president himself to do what he can to take care of his granddaughter in lieu of her father’s negligence, Joe Biden has followed suit and rejected her as well.

According to the Blaze:

Apparently, the fact that she was the product of a trivial fling during a drug rampage makes her undeserving of Hunter’s attention as well as his last name. People on the left and the right are outraged at his cruelty.

One would hope that the child’s grandfather, Mr. President himself, would do the decent thing and embrace her as a granddaughter.

But no. Joe’s no better than Hunter.

Despite his re-election campaign that ironically centers around decency and treating people with dignity, Joe Biden has opted to echo his wayward son and reject the girl.

But lucky for Joe, Whoopi Goldberg has his back.

This blatant lack of human decency was recently defended by Democrat spokesperson, Whoopi Goldberg on “The View”, who stated that since “it’s not the president’s baby” he should not be subject to any scrutiny for his decision.

However, Dave Rubin argued against this idea on his show, noting that there are countless grandparents across America who are taking care of their grandchildren regardless of any personal issues they may have with their own children.

The crux being: Joe should still embrace Navy as his granddaughter despite whatever disagreement he may have with Hunter.

It is difficult to deny the fact that Joe Biden’s decision in this matter appears to contradict many values presented during his election campaign––values centered around treating people with decency and respect regardless of their past actions or current situation.

This disconnect between words and action paints an unsettling picture about how seriously one should take anything coming out from either Hunter or Joe in regard to their relationship with Navy Joan Roberts, especially considering how swiftly both parties have walked away from any responsibility towards her.

At this point it remains unclear whether or not anything will ever change between Hunter and Navy Joan. Even more concerning is what sort of relationship if any will develop between her and Joe Biden as time passes.