WATCH: Crooked Hillary Confronted by Anti-War Protestor


(Ken Silva, Headline USA) Hillary Clinton spoke Monday at an event held at the Columbia School of International Politics, where she was confronted by an anti-war protestor who asked about President Joe Biden’s apparent plunge towards World War 3.

A rowdy back-and-forth ensued.

The protestor asked Clinton to denounce Biden’s recent “war-mongering speech” that asked for more than $100 billion to help fund Israel and Ukraine’s respective wars, as well as to prepare for a showdown between Taiwan and China.

As expected, Clinton—who voted for the Iraq War, spearheaded regime change in Libya and has supported every U.S. military intervention in the 21st century—declined to comment.

“Can you please make a statement about President Joe Biden’s speech? This is a clearly war mongering speech. President Biden is calling for $100 billion for Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine, and we’re supposed to just bundle these together and rush to World War 3,” said the protestor, who later identified himself as Robert Castle.

The room erupted upon Castle’s question, and a staffer seemingly tried to get him to give up the mic. But Castle was undeterred.

“What I have done is asked Hillary Rodham Clinton to denounce the President’s openly warmongering, suicidal, idiotic speech,” he said again.

This time, Clinton responded: “I’ve given my answer. I will not do that.”

Clinton did promise to speak to Castle after the event. But according to observers, she did not.

When the raucous interchange was posted to Twitter, numerous accounts were quick to remark, perhaps in jest, that Castle is likely now on the “Clinton kill list.”

Castle responded to these concerns in a Substack article.

“People are right to be afraid, but they are wrong to allow that fear to stop them from bringing reason to bear on the situation the world faces. If fear keeps reason trapped inside peoples’ skulls, fear triumphs and reason is lost,” he said.

“The point is that there is literally nothing stopping the American people from voicing their opposition to this war; but we must articulate a solution at a higher level than a polarized, tribal, war-like, either/or mentality of Pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine.”

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