WATCH Biden Flip His S#!%, Completely MELTS DOWN, Screams At Audience – The Conservative


Joe Biden recently gave a speech on his economic policies, otherwise known as ‘Bidenomics.’

His address was an attempt to convince Americans that they are doing well despite the rising costs of living and the current economic crisis.

However, it appeared that his message did not resonate with the public. In response to this lack of acceptance, Joe resorted to yelling and screaming at those in attendance.


There has been some speculation about whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden is showing signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. ‘

This has come to the forefront due to reports that he is often seen randomly yelling at people and exhibiting very short-tempered behavior.

The symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s include confusion, difficulty completing tasks, decreased concentration levels, mood swings, agitation or apathy, changes in personality or behavior, trouble understanding visual information or directions from others, and more.

It is possible that Biden’s outbursts may be indicators of a worsening condition.

Biden himself has addressed these rumors recently saying “I am 100 percent confident that I have not experienced any form of cognitive decline…No one around me believes this either.”

He also stated in an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell that his outbursts are simply ” symptoms of being tired “.

Despite his assertions otherwise, many people remain unconvinced and fear that he may indeed be suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s or another degenerative neurological disorder.