Vivek Ramaswamy made this pledge that shook the Deep State to its core


Image by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, through Flickr,

Polls revealed Vivek Ramaswamy emerged from the first GOP Presidential debate as one of the night’s big winners.

That enraged the Washington, D.C. establishment in both celebrations.

And Vivek Ramaswamy made this pledge that shook the Deep State to its core.

Ramaswamy got traction with GOP citizens in big part due to the fact that he was the only candidate on the debate phase who pledged to oppose any brand-new funding for Joe Biden’s reckless war in Ukraine against Russia.

That led to Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and establishment figures like former Vice President Mike Pence and RINO previous South Carolina Guv Nikki Haley to lash out in anger over Ramaswamy pledging to overthrow the Swamp’s apple cart.

In an interview with Breitbart News reporter Matt Boyle, Ramaswamy discussed the Washington, D.C. establishment felt threatened by his increase in the surveys.

“And this is why they’re coming for me, Matt, the neocon facility is threatened by the fact that I’m speaking the truth about this,” Ramaswamy started.

Ramaswamy explained that rather than throw billions and billions of dollars down a sinkhole in Ukraine, America would be better served spending that cash on strengthening the homeland’s defenses.

As part of his strategy, Ramaswamy would divert military resources away from Ukraine and to protecting America’s southern border.

“We’re missing out on nuclear defense rocket abilities. We’re missing cyber and incredibly EMP defenses. We’re utilizing our military to secure an invasion versus someone else’s border halfway around the globe, our military equipment, when we ought to be utilizing those same resources to protect against the continuous intrusion, and it is an armed intrusion now, literally, throughout our own southern border. I suggest, that is the reality of the matter. And I speak that truth, however it truly threatens the way the establishment, the republican celebration thinks,” Ramaswamy specified.

Ramaswamy alerted the Deep State was not a monophonically leftist cabal as many facility figures on the Right freely moved within their ranks.

That’s why Ramaswamy vowed that if he won the election he would take a “jackhammer” to the Deep State by utilizing the legal authority Presidents have to carry out mass shootings to shut down the FBI, the ATF, the Department of Education, and other Deep State infested bureaucracies.

“Therefore that’s the truth of the matter is, we have a managerial class that pervades the left most however also the right. And I think that I am truly the greatest risk today, to that existing, rather of a deep state within the right within the conservative movement,” Ramaswamy concluded. “And we’re going to take a jackhammer to it. So what I’m carrying out in this race, and I think that’s where we’re gon na win.”

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