Virginia Democrat Candidate Faces Lurid Accusation


Virginia Democrat Candidate Faces Lurid Accusation – She Is Suspected of Live Posting Dozens of Adult Videos with Husband Online

What’s Happening:

In this off-cycle election year, several states will hold their own elections for local candidates. This includes Virginia, which held a governor’s election in 2021. The state shocked expectations when it elected a Republican governor and lieutenant governor.

This year, elections will be held for the state’s House of Delegates. One person running is Democrat Susanna Gibson, a wife and nurse practitioner. She announced her candidacy in 2022. But news has come to light about videos she hide from the Internet after she entered the race. Word is out, and it could cost her the election.

From Fox News:

A Virginia Democratic candidate running for the commonwealth’s House of Delegates is being accused of performing sex acts with her husband in front of an online audience and encouraging viewers to send them “tip” money…

Gibson, a 40-year-old mother of two, is said to have posted more than a dozen videos that were archived on a site called Recurbate in September 2022, which is after she officially entered the race, and the most recent videos were archived on Sept. 30, 2022, The Washington Post reported Monday.

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Democrat candidate for Virginia’s House of Delegates is being outed for adult content she produced with her husband online. A report reveals she “archived” over a dozen videos on an adult website shortly after she announced her candidacy.

According to reports, the Democrat was even in violation of the website’s policy.

Gibson’s campaign has refused to issue a clear response to the scandal. The Democrat claims the story represents “an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.” It is unclear what laws are allegedly being broken. She has even tried to accuse Republicans of committing a “sex crime” by the Washington Post reporting this story.

It is unclear how voters will react to the news that this candidate produced content for an adult website. In previous generations, such news would have ended a person’s political career. But as mainstream culture normalizes adult content, it is possible this will not adversely affect the woman’s campaign.

However, she might not be able to count on Virginia voters looking the other way. Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin was swept into power, over a scandal among Democrats in the public school system. Voters were outraged after the Loudon County school system tried to cover up the rape of a child. The election of a Republican governor in a “blue” state was reported as backlash by voters against morally lax Democrats.

Could Gibson’s scandal end up costing her votes? It could be very likely.

Key Takeaways:

  • A Virginia Democrat running for state House was outed for posting adult content.
  • Susanna Gibson archived over a dozen videos on an adult website that included her husband.
  • The Democrat has tried to accuse Republicans of committing a “sex crime,” despite her own behavior.

Source: Fox News