Video Shows Dems Cheating against Each Other in Connecticut Vote-Fraud Scandal


(Molly Bruns, Headline USA) A local mayoral race in Connecticut has become a flashpoint for exposing the Left’s hypocrisy and bad faith when it comes to obvious evidence of vote fraud.

Democrats in the affluent blue state already were divided as some sided with mayoral candidate John Gomes of Bridgeport, who recently accused supporters of incumbent candidate Mayor Joe Ganim of stuffing ballot boxes after video emerged that showed one civil servant appearing to do just that.

Although Gomes led on Election Day, Ganim later edged him out narrowly by 251 votes after the mail-in ballots were tallied.

Weeks later, however, an anonymous party has released surveillance tapes revealing Gomes supporters stuffing absentee ballots into drop boxes, adding an unexpected twist to the already messy local election.

The new video, which was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, shows several candidates for different offices and election operatives making several deposits into two different ballot boxes just before the primary election, according to Only in Bridgeport.

Democratic City Council candidates Josue Jorge and Maria Hernandez dropped in multiple ballots. Both candidates lost their races.

City Councilwoman Maria Pereira dropped a single ballot into the box; it was likely her own, as the date on her ballot coincides with the drop date. However, this led investigators to wonder why she neglected to cast her vote at her Hooker School polling headquarters.

The remainder of the clips show people who appeared to be Gomes supporters dropping several ballots into the boxes.

Now, Gomes is simultaneously challenging Ganim’s 251 vote win—accusing him of using illegal ballots—and defending himself against accusations of stuffing boxes.

Handling of absentee or mail-in ballots in Connecticut is legally restricted to close family members, caretakers and police officers—leading to several questions about why candidates and election officials deposited dozens into the boxes.

Superior Court Judge William Clark announced Oct. 12 as the start of the case looking into Ganim’s election win.

Some speculated that Gomes will use the situation to his advantage and rally for a recount.

Democrat Gov. Ned Lamont, meanwhile has said he wants investigators to “leave no stone unturned” looking into the claims of election fraud in Bridgeport but urged voters “not to jump to conclusions.”

At the state level, some Democrats desperately sought to distance themselves from the issue, fearing—and rightfully so—that it would be taken up by Trump-supporting Republicans as evidence that mail-in voting is not to be trusted.

Many Democrat officials had begun the push for greater reliance on mail-in voting even before the pandemic, but went on to use it as the pretense for changing their voting laws, often without legislative approval and in violation of their state constitutions.

In addition, they have relaxed the signature-verification standards, witness requirements and other means of authenticating ballots, all while refusing to update their long outdated voter rolls and importing a massive wave of new noncitizens via the Biden administration’s open-border policies.

In some blue states, those who sign up to receive a driver’s license, including illegal immigrants, are automatically sent a ballot unless they specify their desire to opt out.