Unique Counsel Jack Smith Validates He Seeks Trump ‘Gag Order’ In Heat Of 2024 Presidential Project


Special Counsel Jack Smith reacted on Monday evening to the Trump legal team’s objection to a movement for protective order, similar in some regards to a “gag order,” due to supposed issues that the previous president’s remarks might become bothersome for the trial.

“The central purpose of criminal discovery is to provide the accused with products required to get ready for a reasonable trial,” the Unique Counsel’s workplace argued. “To assist in the efficient production of discovery to the defense, the Government proposed a reasonable protective order consistent with current practice in this District. The defendant rather proposed an order developed to permit him to attempt this case in the media rather than in the courtroom. To safeguard witness privacy and the stability of these proceedings, the Court must get in the Federal government’s proposed protective order.”

The court filing then noted a number of presumably troublesome remarks by the president that he has made in defense during the 2024 election campaign.

– On ABC: “This is an attack on you and members of journalism. I’m actually surprised individuals haven’t spoken out about it. What the government– what the Biden administration is trying to do is prevent the press from learning about exculpatory and practical information, proof that the people have a right to understand about. What the position of the district attorney is non sensitive, common proof must not be revealed to the press. That’s stunning. Not just do they wish to breach President Trump’s First Modification rights, they wish to violate Flexibility of the Press, and I marvel that the major networks aren’t filing papers together with me on Monday.” Defense counsel then suggested he might “get [the ABC reporter] an attorney” to engage in lawsuits over the protective order.

– On NBC: “Well, I’m surprised and I can find you a legal representative to resolve this, however I’m stunned that all of the news media outlets aren’t protesting what the federal government is trying to do. They’re attempting to say that we have discovery that’s not delicate, however we do not want the press to find out about it, and Mr. Trump, our group is stating, President Trump is saying that if there’s proof out there that the government has that’s exculpatory or useful, then the press has a right to know, however the Biden administration doesn’t desire journalism to understand that, and I’m stunned that there aren’t petitions now submitted in the district court opposing what the Biden administration is doing.”

– On CBS: “We’re all in favor of safeguarding delicate and extremely sensitive details, but it’s extraordinary to have actually all info hidden in a criminal case, including, by the method, info that may be exculpatory and might be exonerative of President Trump. The Biden administration wants to keep that details from the American individuals.” –

On FOX: “The Biden administration wants the judge to put in place an order that will avoid journalism from getting exculpatory and material information that may be relevant to these proceedings, even though Mr. Trump, President Trump, has argued from the very beginning, as I have, that this is an attack, this indictment is an attack on his First Change rights. Now what the Biden administration wants to do is deny all Americans the opportunity to find out non-sensitive information about what the case includes, in a political season.” Defense counsel continued, “I’m convinced the Biden administration does not desire the American individuals to see the reality, and they acted on it by submitting this protective order an effort to keep important info about this case from the press. I’m stunned that all the networks have not lined up and submitted pleadings currently, challenging this very broad effort by the Biden administration to keep info away from the American people throughout the election season. The American individuals have a right to understand. Naturally, Joe Biden doesn’t want that to take place.”

The Unique Counsel has replied by verifying that this is essentially what it intends to do by muzzling Trump throughout the campaign, while allowing the prosecution and its media allies to accuse him of misdeed at will with no legal capability to react based on discovery proof.

On Friday, federal prosecutors submitted the order to U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is presiding over the case related to Trump, originating from the DOJ’s probe into the January 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol disruption. Last week, Trump pleaded innocent to all the four counts linked to this case, implicating him of trying to keep power even after his defeat in the 2020 presidential race.

Special Counsel Jack Smith recently highlighted a post from Trump’s Truth Social in the protective order request, recommending that Trump might try to threaten the witnesses in the event by revealing confidential DOJ proof.

The previous president had actually alerted his enemies, “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M FOLLOWING YOU!”

The district attorneys had requested the judge to restrict the information Trump could disclose about the January 6 case. The due date for Trump’s defense group to attend to the DOJ’s order was 5 p.m. on Monday.

Trump’s Monday response specified, “In a trial about First Amendment rights, the federal government seeks to restrict First Amendment rights.” It further criticized the approach by adding, “Worse, it does so versus its administration’s primary political competitor, amidst an electoral duration where the present administration, key celebration figures, and helpful media have actually been highlighting the charges and spreading its unverified claims.”

Moreover, Trump’s lawyers think the recommended protective order is exceedingly extensive and have actually asked for Judge Chutkan to think about a customized order that just disallows the dissemination of “sensitive products” to the public.

Judge Chutkan has actually been one of the most aggressive judges in overseeing January 6 cases, preserving a perfect jail-sentencing record, even for criminal offenses where the Justice department did not seek a jail sentence.