Tucker Carlson made one power move that sent Fox News into a panic


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Tucker Carlson is blazing a new trail after his shocking departure from Fox News.

Now he’s preparing to turn the world of conservative media upside down.

And Tucker Carlson made one power move that sent Fox News into a panic.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is branching off on his own free from the constraints of corporate suits after his exit from Fox News.

His new show Tucker on Twitter has scored several high-profile interviews like Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer.

Carlson’s Twitter-based show is racking up tens of millions of views proving the former top-rated host in cable news’ audience is willing to follow him.

The show is already drawing a larger audience than any show in cable news.

And this is just the beginning of Carlson’s plans for his post-Fox career.

Tucker on Twitter is going to be the centerpiece of his new media empire, which will reportedly eventually include subscriptions, an app, and a long-form show similar to Tucker Carlson Originals on Fox Nation.

Carlson and his business partner Neil Patel are looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to build this burgeoning media empire.

The pair are going to turn to some of the biggest conservative donors to invest in this new media company.

CNBC reported that Carlson’s team is courting billionaire conservatives, Peter Thiel and Rebekah Mercer, to come aboard as investors.

Thiel was one of the founders of PayPal and appeared on Carlson’s Fox News show in 2019.

Mercer, the daughter of hedge fund titan Robert Mercer, was an investor in Breitbart News.

Both have been major backers of Republican candidates over the years including former President Donald Trump.

Carlson has spoken to both of them since his exit from Fox News in April and they’re receptive to investing after hearing a pitch from Carlson’s team according to anonymous sources.

Mercer and Thiel are part of a broader effort to secure the funding to make Carlson’s new venture a serious player in the conservative media sphere.

Carlson is already set to receive backing from the investment firm 1789 Capital, which lists Mercer as an executive officer with the company.

1789 Capital is planning to make an eight-figure investment into Carlson’s venture by the end of the summer.

The investment firm has already poured $150 million in investments into “non-woke” companies.

Carlson has also secured the first major advertiser for his Twitter show Public Square, a shopping app for anti-ESG companies.

Tucker Carlson is beginning to lay the groundwork for building a massive independent media empire.

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