Trump’s charges might be dropped after a judge called out one substantial legal violation


Image by Wesley Tingey from Unsplash Joe Biden’s scheme to weaponize the justice system to take Donald Trump off the board hit a huge obstacle.

This is one case Biden can’t pay for to lose.

And now Trump’s charges might be dropped after a judge called out one huge legal offense.

Judge Aileen Cannon tore into special counsel Jack Smith for keeping a grand jury in Washington, D.C. active to continue the investigation into the Mar-a-Lago case in spite of the reality that the trial will happen in Florida.

Cannon demanded Trump’s attorneys object to utilizing an out-of-state grand jury to investigate Trump and laid the groundwork for potentially tossing Smith’s charges completely on the ground of grand jury abuse.

Jack Smith ran the examination out of a grand jury in Washington, D.C. prior to changing to Florida in the days before bying far the indictment against Trump.

That’s due to the fact that Smith knew he had a venue problem.

The so-called “criminal offenses” Smith alleged Trump dedicated happened in Florida where the jury pool is more favorable to Trump.

However Smith wanted to keep a kangaroo court open in Washington, D.C. where 95 percent of the people voted versus Donald Trump as he knew a grand jury filled with Trump haters would go along with whatever sham charges Smith put in front of them.

Smith has an MO as a rogue district attorney who extends the law to target political Republican politicians.

The Supreme Court unanimously threw away Smith’s conviction versus previous Republican politician Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell ruling that Smith’s interpretation of a bribery statute was so broad that it criminalized regular responsibilities of workplace.

Smith wanted to keep this case out of Florida as long as possible understanding that he would not have a Democrat judge and jury to stack the deck versus Trump.

However Judge Cannon is not going to let Smith play video games in this case.

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