Trump Skewers NY Judge For Targeting His Kids: ‘Leave My Kid Alone’


Former President Donald Trump took to Fact Social early Wednesday early morning to openly slam the New york city Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron for targeting his children in the continuous prosecution of the 2024 GOP frontrunner.

“Leave my children alone, Engoron,” Trump said in the prolonged post to Reality Social. “You are a disgrace to the legal occupation!”

Trump brutally excoriated the Democrat-appointed Judge, who is also a confirmed Democrat donor according to The Washington Inspector. He started,

“This Rigged Trial, brought by the Racist New York City State A.G. Letitia James before Trump and developer Disliking Judge, Arthur Engoron, which should have never been brought in that the so-called STAR WITNESS, Scum Attorney (for lots of people) Michael Cohen, admitted last week on the stand that he LIED, and likewise that your favorite President, Donald J. Trump, or anybody from the Trump Organization, NEVER TOLD HIM TO PUMP UP VALUES ON FINANCIAL STATEMENTS, the opposite of what he told the A.G. in order to get this scam began.”

He added, “For that reason, on that truth alone, this Phony Case ought to be dismissed.”

Trump continued by as soon as again refuting the assessment of his Mar-a-Lago residential or commercial property at the core of the trial. “Furthermore, nevertheless, the Financial Statements Values are Conservative (LOW!), Mar-a-Lago deserves far more than $18,000,000, there is a 100% Disclaimer Clause on the 1st page of the Statements, the Banks and Insurance Companies were paid completely, no defaults, they all earned money, and there is no Victim (except me!).”

Lastly, he concluded, “Leave my children alone, Engoron. You are a disgrace to the legal occupation!”

Donald Trump Jr. testified before the judge on Wednesday, with Human Occasions’ Jack Posobiec noting that he was posting memes to X, whilesitting in Engoron’s courtroom. The specific meme in concern seemed related to the recent ‘#Bootgate’ scandal surrounding the footwear of Florida Guv Ron DeSantis.

According to NBC News, Eric Trump is scheduled to testify Thursday and even Ivanka Trump, although not an offender in the event due to a successful appeal, will testify Friday.

In a subsequent post Turmp added, “Judge Engoron is a political hack who ruled versus me before the trial even began. He is doing the dirty work for the Democrat Celebration. I was not even given the choice of a jury, This Rigged Case should have never been brought, however since it was, it should have remained in the Industrial Division, but Engoron WOULD NOT LET GO OF IT. He combated us, approved us for no reason, fined us huge cash, never provided us even a one day delay. This is his big opportunity, and he was not going to let it go.”

In a third post he concluded, “Engoron is insane, totally unhinged, and harmful– Our Judicial System has actually gone to HELL.”

The former First Woman, Melania Trump has not yet been asked to testify since this report, however she “shares her husband’s view– and anger– that the majority of these legal concerns are ‘election disturbance by his political competitors,'” according to a report from People.