Trump Scores an Early Election Victory


Trump Scores an Early Election Victory – Democrats Are Devastated by Unexpected Endorsement

What’s Happening:

In 2020, Joe Biden relied on the endorsement of numerous groups to secure his election. For years, Democrats have depended on certain sectors for their unwavering support. But Biden is presiding over crippling inflation and other problems that have hurt Americans. Two major groups are striking, leading to further uncertainty about Biden’s economic agenda.

Biden needs the support of numerous unions, minority groups, and organizations if he hopes to win the 2024 Election. But reoccurring problems could put a dent in this unified bloc. Just this week, a major group is breaking from the Democrat fold. And they are throwing their weight behind the GOP frontrunner.

From Trending Politics:
The leading union for workers in fossil fuels lent its endorsement to former President Donald Trump this week…

The Oil and Gas Workers Association, which is comprised of 50,000 members who work in domestic drilling, announced that it will be supporting President Trump…

“President Trump has been the most pro-American Oil & Gas Workers president ever, with 11.3 million jobs supported by our vital industry in 2019. Under President Trump’s leadership, our country became energy dominant. The booming economy of the Trump years benefitted every American,” said Coday.

The union representing oil and gas workers has endorsed Trump for 2024. They celebrated Trump’s track record while in office. President Trump reportedly added 11.3 million jobs to the fossil fuel sector, due to cutting regulation.

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The announcement is a big get for Donald Trump, but hardly surprising. Joe Biden’s “green” agenda has dramatically impacted this industry. Biden has vowed to “end” oil and natural gas–without providing significant replacements. He has spent billions to convince car makers to invest in EVs–which has resulted in the loss of billions for Ford Motor Company.

While a large, strong union, it was unlikely it would endorse a Democrat. Biden could face losing more support among unions, including the United Auto Workers. For the first time in history, the UAW is on strike. Some have blamed Biden’s policies for the unprecedented move.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Oil and Gas Workers Association has endorsed Trump for 2024.
  • The union praised Trump’s efforts to create more oil and gas jobs while in office.
  • This comes as Biden’s “green” agenda directly affects this industry.

Source: Trending Politics