Trump Reacts To Dr. Oz Declaring Victory In PA Senate Race

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Dr. Mehmet Oz declared victory in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary on Friday.

He posted a video on Twitter celebrating the win and calling for unity.

NBC News reported:

Republican Mehmet Oz, the television personality and doctor endorsed by former President Donald Trump, declared himself the “presumptive” Republican nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania on Friday, despite the state’s announcement this week that the race would need an official recount.

In a video posted to Twitter, Oz thanks his supporters and calls for unity, painting himself as the winner of the primary.

“I am blessed to have earned the presumptive Republican nomination for the United States Senate,” Oz says.

The race is heading to a recount.

Trump posted on Truth Social that Oz “rightfully” declared himself the winner and that he would go on to defeat his radical left opponents.

The wonderful Dr. Oz has rightfully just declared himself the winner of the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate (Pennsylvania). He will go on to defeat his Radical Left opponent and be a great Senator for the Commonwealth, and the USA!