Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Signals Mistrial Fight in AG James Lawsuit


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) In an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Trump defense attorney Alina Habba hinted at a potential mistrial battle in the ongoing civil trial against the Trump Organization led by New York Attorney General Letitia James.  

The case, presided over by Manhattan Judge Arthur Engoron, has been making waves with its revelations and has dominated headlines in recent weeks, with James claiming Trump inflated his finances in a bid to obtain generous and low-interest loans. 

During the interview, Bartiromo raised the question of potential bias, pointing to donations that could be perceived as supportive of the Democratic Party. She asked Habba if they were planning to file for a mistrial, to which Habba responded affirmatively, saying, “Yes.” 

Pressed on the timing of the mistrial motion, Habba stated, “Very soon.”

Bartiromo suggested that a mistrial could allow them to start the case over, to which Habba explained, “The problem is — with all of these things, such as filing motion for recusal, which we’ve done twice — is this judge has to be the one that decides, ‘Is he going to recuse himself?’ ‘Does he feel that there was a mistrial?’”  

Habba said that Engoron serves as the sole decision-maker of the case given that the case is a bench-trial and features no jury. 

“We have one judge, and it is the same judge that issued the gag order that has to make those determinations,” she added. “At this point, I don’t have any reason to believe he shouldn’t after what we’ve learned if it is true. But I will tell you that it’s concerning when he is the arbiter and the decision maker of some of these issues.” 

Regarding the case itself, Habba argued James’ accusations are weakened by Trump’s assertions that all his business records were handled by attorneys and accounting firms.

“These are sophisticated lenders, Deutsche Bank, major, major establishments, with all kinds of regulations: [Know Your Customer mandates], FEC regulation,” Habba declared, saying that the banks did their due diligence and verified the numbers. 

“Nobody got harmed,” she added. “But Ms. James wanted the headline. She campaigned on this — remember? — before she was attorney general. That’s how she got the attorney general role campaigned on Trump so she had to follow through.”