Trump is the means for leftists to destroy SCOTUS


Let’s be clear, the farcical presentation that represented itself as a bona fide legal proceeding, i.e., trial, was and is about much more than sending President Trump to prison.

For one thing, it is a full out veiled assault on the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Democrat strategists are well aware that this outcome is going to end up on the docket of SCOTUS, as it well should. The dumbest, most inept lawyers on the planet, if honest, will admit this trial was a travesty of justice from start to finish; and none of these neo-Leninist anarchists care a rat’s tail.

The chances of this travesty being overturned by a New York District Court are slim and none. No New York judge is going to risk the wrath of the primitives who haunt the art galleries, so-called fine restaurants and Martha’s Vineyard. These Erebusic druids want this overturned by SCOTUS. It would allow them to undertake the dismantling of the high court under the guise of it being a rogue organization that refuses to obey the directives of an individual state.

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This is exactly the argument that is being floating by liberal Democrat pundits right now. There is a chorus of accusations being rehearsed for prime time that paints SCOTUS as refusing to follow the directives of individual states; even though such an argument is a desperate lie. But, truth doesn’t matter when a cacophony of regurgitated fallacious complaints are panhandled on the likes of NBC and CNN; and given the old fair and balanced treatment on Fox News.

The left is desperate to destroy the Supreme Court, and believe me, they will use a reversal of President Trump’s ludicrous conviction to accomplish it. Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to destroy SCOTUS by “packing the court.” His efforts didn’t fail as much as the country club Republicans rolled over. There has been a very quiet effort to destroy the high court since that time.

The neo-Leninist anarchists want the ability to murder children without restraint and the freedom to do it at the expense of taxpayers. They want the right to own and bear arms for the American citizenry revoked immediately and forever. They want total control over our children from cradle until they are mentally and emotionally destroyed by the so-called educational system. In brief, the left wants uninterrupted ability to change laws and create laws as necessary to create their idea of society. The problem is that SCOTUS is standing in the way. In their minds, it must be destroyed and they will use any and every means available.

Another thing I am certain of, is that RINO Republicans are only pretending to back President Trump. I predict they are going to do the same thing to him that they successfully did to the late Herman Cain. They pretended to support Cain when the first accuser came forward and when a second woman accused my late friend of sexual impropriety. Then a third woman came forward, and RINOs appeared on Fox News around the clock claiming they had to disassociate themselves from Herman Cain, because with three accusers the accusations had to be true. In reality the only truth was that there had been an orchestrated effort, allegedly led by Karl Rove, to derail Cain, who was well on his way to winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Believe me, there are elapidae Republicans lying in wait to attempt to destroy Donald Trump as well.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another of the 800-pound gorillas in the middle of the room. The planned and wholly orchestrated mishandling of President Trump’s trial, from the bringing of the phony charges to the ultimate staged conviction, must raise the question of how many other knowingly innocent people have been found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Keep in mind this Democrat tactic wasn’t just employed in the South. Democrats have accused so-called white Southerners of falsely convicting so-called blacks since they invented Jim Crow laws. Democrats were and are responsible for murdering innocent slaves, former slaves and anyone else who opposed them, regardless of the supposed amount of melanin they exhibited.

They will spin lies and showcase talking-wackos to misrepresent jurisprudence as convincingly as they can – just as CNN knowingly lied to protect Saddam Hussein so as to maintain a news bureau in Iraq – just as Dan Rather invented lies about George W. Bush. The truth is that everyone with an ounce of common sense knows President Trump is being railroaded.

He is only guilty of being an outsider whom We the People support – and in elite circles of presidential politics, that is a crime worthy of personal destruction.

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