Trump Goes Off In Post Ripping Kim Kardashian, Liberal Reporter: ‘Phony News’


In a post on Reality Social, former President Donald Trump vehemently dismissed claims made in a new book by ABC News press reporter Jonathan Karl. The book, titled “Sick of Winning,” provided various accounts of Trump’s presidency, consisting of an alleged occurrence involving celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Trump’s post on Reality Social characterized Karl as a “Stopped Working ABC Phony News reporter” as he critiqued his literary talent. Trump specifically dealt with a story in Karl’s book where Kardashian is said to have actually provided to utilize her celebrity status to bring football stars to the White House in exchange for Trump commuting the sentences of certain prisoners.

Trump unconditionally denied this claim, stating, “This story is Fake News because she would be the last person I asked to get football gamers.”

“This did not take place often,” composed Trump. “I did aid with prisoner commutation, but just if deserving, and a lot more so for Kanye West than for Kim, who most likely voted for Crooked Joe Biden, and take a look at the mess our Nation remains in now. Numerous other incorrect stories in Karl’s very dull book, however nothing worth discussing!”

Trump’s post further slammed the book as filled with numerous other incorrect stories, dismissing it as “really boring” and not worth pointing out.

According to Axios, the book claims that during his presidency, Trump hung up on Kim K after she reached out to him for help with a clemency case. The book becomes part of Karl’s trilogy on the former president.

Following her widely known 2018 meeting in the Oval Workplace, where she promoted for a pardon, Kardashian later looked for additional commutations during Trump’s final presidential days.

Trump supposedly reacted by asking for a quid pro quo: he asked Kardashian to leverage her celeb status to organize visits from football stars to the White House, in return for granting the commutations.

“A source knowledgeable about the discussions tells me Trump listened to her demands and required a straight-up quid pro quo. He would approve the commutations, he informed Kardashian, if she leveraged her celebrity connections to get football stars who were buddies of hers to come check out him at the White House.

Kardashian actually tried to do what Trump required, seeing it as a little rate to pay to get justice for people she thought were serving unjust sentences. But all the gamers she approached declined. Trump had actually become too toxic. In the final 2 weeks of his presidency, nobody wanted to be anywhere near him.”

Despite her efforts, Kardashian was not able to meet this demand as the players she approached declined, discovering Trump too questionable at the time according to Karl’s book.

Months after Trump left office, Kardashian apparently reached out to him again for a prominent endorsement of another clemency plea. Trump’s response was dismissive, questioning her assistance in the 2020 election and abruptly ending the call.

A spokesperson for Trump dismissed Karl’s book, calling it “disgraceful and talentless.”

“John Carl [sic] is a back-bencher who could never get his own program for apparent factors. Excerpts previously launched from this ‘book’ have actually already been thoroughly exposed.”