Trump Gives Biden Shocking New Nickname


Trump Gives Biden Shocking New Nickname – Reveals What Our #1 Enemy Knows About Joe

What’s Happening:

While other GOP candidates debated in Milwaukee, Donald Trump was elsewhere. He refused to attend the presidential debate, citing his high polling numbers. Instead, at the same time, Tucker Carlson posted his new interview with the former president on X.

The 45-minute interview covered a wide range of topics. Trump hammered his GOP rivals. But he spent most of the time criticizing the “presidency” of Joe Biden. Donald Trump blasted Biden’s failed domestic and foreign policy. But he went on to give Joe perhaps the darkest nickname yet. And he exposed what is really going on with China.

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden is a “Manchurian candidate” and compromised because China knows so much about him and his money…

“He, in many ways, is a Manchurian candidate. We have a Manchurian candidate, and he’s afraid to tell Russia to get out of Cuba. He’s afraid to tell China to get out of Cuba. He’s afraid. China now is building — think of this — China’s building military installations in Cuba. The Cuban population of Miami is not too happy, because they’re never going to be able to go back. And you don’t even hear about it,” Trump said, identifying the media as the worst culprit.

Whoa. During his interview with Tucker Carlson, he Donald Trump called Joe Biden a “Manchurian candidate.” He is referencing a famous novel, which became a movie, about a man brainwashed by Communists to commit an assassination.

It appears Trump is calling Biden, in some way, brainwashed into doing what he’s doing. We don’t know who might be doing the brainwashing, according to Trump. But this might not be far off from what many Americans think of Biden.

Biden’s own physical and mental decline has convinced many he’s not in charge. He’s spent over 360 days of his term on vacation. Even Tucker asked Trump who he thought was really running the White House. Trump said he didn’t know, but it’s clear he thinks Joe’s not in charge.

From all appearances, Biden is just a puppet for the DNC. But Trump seems to think it’s much worse than that. He suggested that Biden is doing the bidding of China, who knows too much about the Biden family. Trump mentioned the many millions Biden took from China and Russia, seeming to say Biden serves these groups, not Americans.

Trump warned about China’s aggressive expansion in Cuba and South America. In recent months, Americans have grown worried about China’s growing influence in our country. Yet Biden seems unwilling or unable to stop this Communist regime from taking over our continent.

Maybe he is brainwashed?

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump called Joe Biden a “Manchurian candidate.”
  • Trump claimed China is controlling Biden because they know too much about him.
  • Trump said this during an interview with Tucker Carlson during the GOP debate.

Source: Breitbart