Trump Backs Rep. Nancy Mace Despite Prior Bannon Clash


In a classic Trump move, the big man himself doubles down on his support for Rep. Nancy Mace.

And this comes after she crossed swords with him over the whole Bannon saga.

Mace, who’s been known to walk the centrist line, has finally come around.

And no she has Trump’s backing as he makes it loud and clear on Truth Social.

This sure surprised a lot of people on social media.

Trump reaffirms support for Nancy Mace in congressional endorsement via @dcexaminer

— Fearless45 (@Fearless45Trump) June 10, 2024

Washington Examiner reports:

President Donald Trump reaffirmed his support for Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) despite her past vote to hold former White House aide Steve Bannon in contempt of court.

The South Carolina Republican has emerged as a fervent supporter of Trump despite, in the past, being seen as a centrist lawmaker. Her vote to hold Bannon in contempt of court in October 2021 outraged allies of Trump, but the former president has stuck by her nonetheless. He reaffirmed his support in a Truth Social post on Monday.

Mace faces a few prominent primary challengers, but she is the clear leader among them. A poll from the Hill-Emerson College released last month had her at 47% support, followed by challenger Catherine Templeton, 22%, Bill Young, 7%, and 24% undecided.

The race for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District is rated as “solid Republican” by the Cook Political Report, with a partisan voting index of Republican +7.

We ought to come together for the good of our nation and to put President Trump back in the White House.

— Nancy Mace (@NancyMace) June 10, 2024

Glad to see she’s embraced the Trump train.

I’m not scared of the DC establishment. I don’t work for Washington.

I work for South Carolina and the First Congressional District.

— Nancy Mace (@NancyMace) June 10, 2024

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