Trey Gowdy turned against Donald Trump with one unimaginable concern


Screenshot through YouTube, CSPAN Donald Trump is now facing 3 criminal indictments brought against him by his chief political competitor.

Fox News host Trey Gowdy ignored that truth.

And Trey Gowdy turned against Donald Trump with one unthinkable concern.

Trey Gowdy had legal professionals previous U.S. Lawyer Brett Tolman and former Manhattan prosecutor Eliot Felig to go over the current indictment the Biden Justice Department handed down versus Trump for contesting the 2020 election.

Biden district attorney Jack Smith attempted to declare Trump engaged in a criminal conspiracy by following the recommendations of legal representatives in asking Mike Pence to turn down results of the Electoral College.

Tolman mentioned that in this indictment, Smith actually criminalized following the advice of lawyers and political arguments.

Other legal professionals agreed with this take as previous federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy explained the indictment as an impeachment case dressed up as a criminal indictment.

Gowdy then presented Holman’s argument to Felig.

But what took audiences off guard was the truth that Gowdy accepted the facility of the indictment that providing contending slates of electors– as the Kennedy campaign performed in Hawaii in 1960– and asking Mike Pence to turn down the Electoral College outcomes were criminal and not political acts.

“All right, Eliot, Brett raises a good point. I indicate, bad truths make for a hard law. I indicate, that’s an old adage from our days in law school. And these are, I do not state they’re bad truths, definitely interesting facts. You have phony electors, you have a pressure project on the vice president. You have calls to state election authorities and you have January 6th– what happened at the Capitol. Eliot, Is it possible that something can be an awful, terrible day for the nation but still not fulfills the components, as Brett noted, of a criminal statute?” Gowdy asked.

Felig agreed and claimed contesting an election was criminal although there are no criminal statutes that specifically say what Trump did was prohibited.

“Where they crossed the line was when they had these fake electors gather in state capitols after the secretaries of state and the guvs had signed certifications that Biden had actually won the state,” Felig began.

“If I can make an example, Trey, I can come on your show and say I’m the real Trey Gowdy. I can run around the streets of New york city or South Carolina and state I’m the real Trey Gowdy. However if I go house and I print out a fake motorist’s license or a fake birth certificate, and I stroll into your bank and I state, I’m Trey Gowdy and I’m here to secure all my cash, then I’ve crossed the line into scams, into forgery, into possibly an attempted grand larceny. I don’t believe there was a good faith basis for electors to sign phony certificates or incorrect certificates stating that they were properly elected and properly accredited. And I don’t think there’s a good faith basis for saying to Mike Pence, you ought to take those certificates rather than the real ones,” Felig concluded.

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