Top 10 Cyber Monday Deals


Black Friday is over, and Small Business has passed, but that doesn’t mean the savings are over, check out our Top 10 Best Deals You Can Still Get!

  1. BANG CAN 2.0, “BANG SABER”, Civilian Legal, Reusable, “Flash Bang” (Distraction Device) w/ 10 Free Blanks!
  2.  PMC X-TAC 5.56NATO Rifle Ammo – 62 Grain | LAP | Green Tip 1000rd Case FREE SHIPPING FOR BLACK FRIDAY!!!!!
  3.  Phoenix Rising .410 Original Hellfire 2 1/2″ 5rd Pack
  4. 30 Round Winchester M193, 55gr 5.56 in a Reusable Speed Loader
  5. Liberal Tears Gun Oil – Bacon Scented – 4oz
  6.  Tactical Shit Tactical Stocking-Camo
  7. PMC Bronze .223 Remington Rifle Ammo – 55 Grain FMJ-BT
  8. Phoenix Rising .410 Sledge Hammer HP Slug 2 1/2″ 5rd Pack
  9. Scorpion 9mm 115gr FMJ 1000rd Ammo Can
  10. Lion Arms Tactical Shit Exclusive 5.56 16″ Rifle


BANG CAN 2.0, “BANG SABER”, Civilian Legal, Reusable, “Flash Bang” (Distraction Device)
Introducing the “Bang Saber”, a civilian legal “flash bang” manufactured for Tactical Shit by Helius Engineering, for training,”distracting”,or just for fun. This works just as good as our original device, but now lighter, slimmer, version. Remember, ounces equal pounds, & pounds equal pain!
These USA made distraction devices are absolutely amazing! Simply load a 12ga or 9mm blank or 209 primer into the body, remove the pin, and toss.

Depending on the blank used, expect a bright flash, smoke, and approx 120-160db “bang” report once the device is tossed.


PMC X-TAC 5.56 rounds contain the M855 penetrator bullet and are loaded with the SS109 steel core penetrator projectile under the full metal jacket.

This 5.56 green tip ammo effectively blends its lead core and hardened steel penetrator at the tip, resulting in less deformation upon impact than other standard Full Metal Jacket green tip ammo.

PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO ammo fires from most AR-15 rifles, has increased stability and accuracy, and transfers less energy on the target, making it a great and relatively affordable choice for range training or hunting.

PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 62 Grain Green Tip LAP

  • Newly-made, reloadable brass casings
  • 20 rounds per box
  • Steel-tipped projectiles, not for use at indoor ranges!



The .410 2 1/2″ Original Hellfire is the ultimate shock and awe .410 gauge load for your Taurus Judge, Smith and Wesson Governor or .410 shotgun . The .410 Hellfire round contains a full load of our exclusive  ‘Super Dragon’ Dragon’s Breath plus a 00 buckshot and has a range of 150 yards. The ‘Super Dragon’ Dragon’s Breath compound burns at 5,000 degrees. The 00 buckshot completes the round to make it a very serious defense round, especially at normal pistol ranges. The Hellfire round is much more extreme than Dragon’s Breath.







Loading AR magazines takes time. Sometimes we need that time to relax and get our minds right, and sometimes we just need to get shooting.

The Right Tool Company has developed a nifty little gadget for the latter. With very little effort, their Pack & Load Range Ammo puts 30 rounds into the full-sized AR magazine of your choice in seconds.

Essentially, the Pack & Load Range Ammo is a play on the age old clip. It’s an ammunition stack surrounded by a plastic form that holds the ammo in place. The stack goes on top of the magazine and the ammo is pushed down and in. It’s simple and effective.

Guns have only two enemies; Rust and Liberals. Liberal Tears Gun Oil protects against both. We have bottled Liberal Tears to create a CLP that gives you guaranteed 2nd Amendment protection.

New Liberal Tears Gun Oil is NOW BACON SCENTED

  • An extremely advanced, proprietary blended, gun lubricant that will deliver unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.
  • Extreme lubricity was our primary goal, and we reached it! We formulated the new Liberal Tears to outperform the current “full auto” lubricants, so we’re confident it will outperform anything you’re currently using.
  • New Liberal Tears delivers unsurpassed performance in the harshest environments.

New Liberal tears gun oil traps the carbon and debris, caused by firing your weapon, within the lubricant so it’s easily cleaned off. The strong lubricant layer, created on the surface of your weapon, will protect it against fouling and make cleaning your weapon a breeze.



Show the big guy in the red coat (Santa) your Tactical side this year

Add your favorite patch and you can have a MERRY CHRISTMAS

This tactical stocking comes in three different colors!

Available in:







PMC Bronze .223 is a type of ammunition that’s good for target shooting and training. It has a muzzle velocity of 3,200 feet per second and a muzzle energy of 1,250 ft. lbs. The bullet is a 55-grain Full Metal Jacket with a ballistic coefficient of .243.

Whether you’re a hunter or a shooter, the PMC Bronze 223 Remington is designed to meet your needs. Experience quality ammunition that performs reliably, allowing you to focus on your target without worrying about ammunition malfunctions or inconsistencies.

Appreciate the value of high-quality ammunition that won’t drain your wallet. PMC Bronze offers an affordable option without compromising on performance, ensuring you can enjoy your shooting experience without unnecessary financial burdens.






The .410 2 1/2″ Sledge Hammer Hollow Point Slug is an exclusive Phoenix Rising round. Turn your .410 shotgun into a bona fide medium sized game getter with our Sledge Hammer Hollow Point Slug. Turn your Taurus Judge or Smith and Wesson Governor into a very serious defense side arm. The .410 Sledge hammer weighs in at 200 grains and has a max muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps and 750 FT/LB of energy on impact. Much more than any standard 45 Long Colt HP round. It also has a large hollow point with an extremely deep cavity and 3 degree stabilizing fins for greater accuracy. The Sledge Hammer slug is wrapped in an exclusive Friction Reducer coating that improves accuracy and speed as well as creating a cleaner bore. Our .410 Sledge Hammer slug is truly in a class by itself.








Scorpion 9mm 115gr FMJ is a full metal jacket (FMJ) cartridge. It’s a common round used for practice, matches, and plinking. However, it’s not recommended for self-defense because of its penetration capability.
Some shooters prefer 115 grain 9mm for self-defense because of its higher velocity and flatter trajectory. This can help ensure accurate shots in stressful situations.

Scorpion Ammunition builds both new and remanufactured rounds to exacting standards using the highest grade components, ensuring the safe, consistent and precise shooting experience our customers demand.

All ammunition is manufactured right here in the United States at our Tempe, Arizona facility. Our highly-skilled and experienced technicians are factory-trained by the equipment manufacturers to be experts at their craft.

Each round we produce is methodically hand-inspected and chamber-gauged with redundant component appraisals from raw goods to finished product. Our industry-leading instruments and processes meet or exceed all SAAMI specifications.


Introducing the newest collaboration between Lion Arms and Tactical Shit!

We met and partnered up with these guys at Shot Show in 2023 after hearing about their bad-ass 5″ pistol build they were producing.  Long nights around the “circle bar” in Vegas were had, and after a few libations, out popped the Tactical Shit Exclusive Lion Arms build.  This rifle is one solid piece of work, built right here in America, and even better, in the great state of Florida.


  • 16″ 5.56 Barrel
  • Mid Length gas system
  • Anti Walk pins
  • Mil-Spec Trigger
  • Magpul CTR Stock
  • 15″ M-Lok rail
  • FDE Cerakoted
  • A2 Grip
  • Polymer Flip-up Sights
  • Tactical Shit exclusive lower