‘They’ve Never Met My Daughter’: Hunter’s Baby Mama Defies Critics in Op-Ed


(Luis Cornelio, Headline USA) Lunden Roberts, the mother of Hunter Biden’s five-year-old love child, has finally broken her silence on the contentious child support battle that rocked the Biden family and the White House earlier this year. 

Roberts, whose legal pursuit for $20,000 monthly child support payments reached a settlement in June, rushed to defend Hunter as the first son continues to face legal battles that trigger intense public scrutiny. 

In the op-ed, Roberts made it clear she won’t criticize her child’s father, aiming not to add more fuel to an already blazing fire. Instead, she pleads for privacy as Hunter reconnects with their daughter after years of denying her existence. 

“Having gone to court with Hunter in a much-publicized child support case, I’m probably the last person you might expect to leap to his defense,” Roberts stated in the op-ed, marking five months since reaching a financial agreement with Hunter. 

“Yes, he’s led a privileged life, but Hunter has also lived in the public eye with political opponents who seize upon his mistakes and use his addiction against him,” she declared.  

“One day soon Navy Joan is going to be old enough to search the internet seeing the countless newspaper articles dedicated to her father’s transgressions and I cannot fathom how she may feel,” Roberts continued, cautioning against adding further turmoil to the situation. 

Roberts is advocating for privacy as Hunter seeks to build a relationship with their daughter. 

“Hunter has had the courage to admit his mistakes and learn from them. That’s a valuable lesson for every parent to teach their child,” she added. 

In her closing remarks, Roberts defended her support for Hunter amidst their tumultuous child support battle, emphasizing that judgments are made without contemplating the well-being of her daughter. 

“They’ve never met my daughter and they haven’t spent a second thinking what is best for her,” Roberts concluded, addressing critics. 

As reported by the New York Times, Roberts and Hunter reached an agreement for monthly payments of child support. While the amount was not disclosed, Hunter agreed to turn over several of his paintings, which have sold for at least $500,000 each. 

As part of the agreement, Roberts dropped her request for the child to bear the Biden last name.