“They Only Help Crooked Joe Biden!” – Trump Reacts To Efforts By RINOs To Stop Him


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Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are trying to stop Donald Trump.

They are hosting a summit in Utah for those who want an alternative to Donald Trump.

Western Journal reported:

The two men on the Republican Party’s 2012 presidential ticket are gathering current White House hopefuls this week in Utah for a summit for people seeking an alternative to former President Donald Trump.

Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah and former House Speaker Paul Ryan are welcoming four current 2024 candidates and a number of other speakers in Park City, Utah, for an annual conference the senator has held for more than a decade.

The E2 Summit will run on Tuesday and Wednesday and will feature long-shot presidential candidates Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Chris Christie and Doug Burgum as speakers.

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will also attend the summit, which Axios reported generally covers topics ranging from foreign policy to business.

This year’s event is also a haven for people inside the GOP who are reportedly seeking “an alternative” to Trump, whose 2016 and 2020 bids were opposed by both Romney and Ryan.

Trump blasted them and said they are siding with the Democrats.

He also blasted Romney for losing to Obama.

Truth Social:

I understand Candidates that are losing by 57 to 70 Points are getting together with RINO Paul RINO, Mitt “The Loser” Romney, Bill “No Guts or Talent” Barr, and some broken political “investors” that will soon come to me, as most others already have. These failed Candidates should have started by campaigning effectively, which they didn’t because they don’t have the skill or the talent! Romney, who today couldn’t get elected “dogcatcher” in the Great State of Utah, should have beaten an absolutely failed first term Obama. If he and RINO Paul fought as hard against Obama as they do against President Donald J. Trump, they would never have lost, but remember, Republicans “Eat Their Young,” and that’s the problem with so many in our Party, they go after the people who are on their side, rather than the Radical Left Democrats that are DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY. These are LOSERS, and the Republican Nation must stop following their failed ideas and policies. They only help Crooked Joe Biden!