The woke Left tried to censor Jason Aldean’s new song and failed in one big way


Photo by Jacek Dylag from Unsplash

The censorship industrial complex is out to suppress country music superstar Jason Aldean’s hit song “Try That in a Small Town”.

Democrats went crazy over the pro-law and order anthem that trashes the lawlessness Democrat-run cities began cultivating in the summer of 2020.

Now the woke Left tried to censor Jason Aldean’s new song and failed in one big way.

Country Music Television bent the knee to the woke mob and banned the video for “Try That in a Small Town” from playing on the station.

Liberals melted down over the song’s lyrics, which read “cuss out a cop, spit in his face, stomp on the flag and light it up. Yeah, you think you’re tough. Well, try that in a small town.”

But the more the Left tried to censor “Try That in Small Town” the bigger the backlash grew.

ABC likely decided it did not want to turn into the next Bud Light and it aired Aldean’s performance of “Try That in a Small Town”, which was filmed back in June as part of the network’s broadcast of the Country Music Festival.

“The festival took place between June 8th and 11th at multiple venues across Nashville, though it wasn’t until Wednesday night that it was broadcast on ABC. While the broadcast didn’t show any part of the Try That in a Small Town music video (which was only released less than a week ago), it did have Aldean and his band on stage performing the number before a sizable crowd,” Mediaite reported.

But “Try That in a Small Town” is now the number one song on iTunes as the summer of 2023 continues to show the market power of conservatives to punish woke corporations and to reward products that stand up to the Left’s hegemony in the culture wars.

Bud Light is no longer the number one beer in America and “Try That in a Small Town” is the number one song and it’s because conservatives are flexing their muscle in the marketplace.

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