Texas Defies Biden Administration, Reinstalls Razor Wire To Deter Migrant Invasion



Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered the reinstallation of a razor wire fence in Eagle Pass after a previous fence was cut down by federal officials. The Lonestar State has repeatedly clashed with the Biden Administration over its right to secure the border.

“Texas installed razor wire in Eagle Pass to stop illegal crossings. Today the Biden Admin CUT that wire, opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants,” Abbott wrote in a social media post on Wednesday. “I immediately deployed more Texas National Guard to repel illegal crossings & install more razor wire.”

The latest clash between Texas and the federal government comes as yet another sprawling caravan of illegal aliens has amassed at the border. Despite claims from the Biden Administration that the flow of migrants has been slowed, images from key border crossings unequivocally refute those statements.

“It’s a total free for all in Eagle Pass right now. Mass illegal crossing taking place for over an hour and a half. Almost 2 years to the day we saw 15,000+ Haitians under the bridge in Del Rio, we now have thousands of predominantly Venezuelans gathering under Eagle Pass bridge,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported.

Governor Abbott has repeatedly deployed members of the Texas National Guard to help with the situation at the border. Texas and other border states have also started the process of shipping illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” and states, which defy federal immigration law by refusing to cooperate with ICE and housing migrants.

Last month, a federal judge ordered Texas to remove razor-wire buoys from the Rio Grande River that have been used as a barrier to halt the flow. A U.S. appeals court later overruled the lower court and allowed Texas to keep the barrier in place.