Ted Cruz Says Joe Biden Should Go to Prison in a Cell with Hunter if Guilty of Bribery


This is the message Republicans need to keep pounding all the way to Election Day.

While Democratic prosecutors aim to disable former President Donald Trump and corrupt the U.S. system of justice from local courts to the nation’s capital, the 800-pound gorilla of American politics keeps getting bigger.

And in an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz put it perfectly.

If President Joe Biden is as guilty as he increasingly appears — of selling out his office and his country for millions of dollars — he deserves much worse than impeachment.

“Neither the corporate media nor any congressional Democrat cares at all about whether the president of the United States received millions of dollars of bribes from foreign nationals,” Cruz told Hannity.


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“The allegations are bribery: It wasn’t just Hunter Biden selling ‘access.’ It was Hunter selling official favors from his father, Joe Biden.”

There was a time not too long ago that an allegation like that against the sitting United States president would have inflamed the national media.

Check out the appearance here:

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Anyone who’s followed politics for the past decade knows Cruz is as partisan as a politician can come — the last man left standing to challenge Trump in the 2016 GOP primary, he’s no John Kasich.

But this is no partisan issue — and Cruz wasn’t speaking as a Republican. He was speaking as every American — regardless of party affiliation — should be feeling.

Thanks to the Republican House majority and the efforts of Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, evidence is accruing that Joe and Hunter Biden and numerous family members were engaged in the kind of racketeering and bribery that was worse than anything Democrats tried to manufacture to destroy the Trump presidency.

As former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer testified to the House Oversight Committee in July, then-vice President Joe Biden was a regular part of meetings with his son’s business benefactors, available via telephone or in-person when Hunter needed to show off his sway with the government of the most powerful nation on earth.

But as Cruz pointed out, there is more than just “influence,” at stake now. Biden stands accused — as Americans who don’t rely on the establishment media for news already know — of taking millions of dollars from foreign nationals.

Do you think Biden is guilty of bribery?

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And in at least one case, when the Ukrainian energy company Burisma needed to get rid of a prosecutor investigating its executives for corruption, those Burisma suits knew where to turn — the son of the vice president, whom they employed at the ludicrous salary of at least $50,000 a month.

Joe Biden himself has bragged about using U.S. taxpayer dollars to get the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, fired.

There is no question that Biden did so. He’s on video literally bragging about it at a Council on Foreign Relations seminar in 2017.

The establishment media narrative is that Shokin was actually the corrupt one, and that Biden was standing for all that is good and beautiful and true (USA Today’s take in 2019, citing “sources ranging from the Obama administration to an anti-corruption advocate in Ukraine”).


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But Archer told a different story — under oath.

Archer’s story is backed up by statements a confidential source gave the FBI — memorialized on a document the FBI calls an FD-1023 form — who said Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were each paid $5 million “presumably to ‘deal with Shokin.”

And that, Cruz told Hannity, could be enough to send both Bidens to prison.

The Texas senator then cited the FBI’s 1023 form and its allegation of $10 million changing hands.

“The essence of bribery is a quid pro quo. We remember from the first Trump impeachment … ‘quid pro quo’ is Latin for ‘this for that.’

“Bribery is paying someone something of value in exchange for an official favor.

“The ‘quo’ we know happened because … Joe Biden has confessed to it in a video interview where he said he went to Ukraine, he held hostage $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, and demanded of the Ukrainian government ‘fire the prosecutor that is investigating Burisma and investigating the oligarch.’

“We know the ‘quo’ happened. The only question was whether, ‘did the quid happen.?”

“Did they pay $10 million for [Biden] to do so. If so, Joe Biden is guilty of bribery. Hunter is guilty of selling bribes, selling official favors from his father.

“And if that is the case. Joe Biden should be impeached. He should be removed from office. He should be prosecuted, and he should go to prison.”

Cruz had plenty of conservative support:

Of course, there were also skeptics, tired of hearing conservative officeholders threaten Democrats in high places with what amount to empty words. But there’s no denying that the pressure is building — even Attorney General Merrick Garland’s farcical appointment of a special prosecutor with a documented record of covering up for the Bidens is a signal that not everything is going according to the Democratic playbook.

And the reason for that is simple.

Nothing in the so-called “Steele dossier” ever came close to accusing Trump of something so serious, but the establishment media organizations that pursued every jot of that hoax have no interest in finding out if the now-president of the United States had used taxpayer money for an international shakedown that added to his personal wealth by $5 million and his son’s by another $5 million.

This isn’t a spurious fantasy from anonymous sources about Trump cavorting with prostitutes, the kind of salacious story that titillates the degraded press corps.

It’s an accusation, on the record in the Archer case, by a credible FBI informant in the FD-1023 case, that the man who’s currently in the Oval Office betrayed both the office of the vice presidency and the country he was supposed to be serving.

It’s also an implicit accusation that the party he leads, the political party that holds a majority in the United States Senate and a substantial minority in the House of Representatives, literally does not care if the man who’s now the president has sold his soul to foreign crooks.

The Democratic Party has spent the first decades of the 21st century proving — more palpably every year — that it has nothing but thinly veiled, cynical contempt for the United States of America as an idea, and open, bottomless contempt for Americans who still believe in their country.

Whether that party will continue to drive the country on a course of philosophical and practical suicide is at stake in 2024, from school board races to the presidency.

If Biden is guilty — as increasingly seems to be the case — simple impeachment is too good for him, and his son.

And his political party needs to pay the price, too.

That’s the message Republicans need to hammer. And on Friday, Ted Cruz hit it on the head.

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