Ted Cruz delivered an incredible three-word response to Joe Biden’s beer crackdown


Image by Christin Hume through Unsplash Joe Biden is trying to utilize the federal government to manage everyone’s lives.

However he crossed an intense red line with his attack on beer.

And Ted Cruz delivered a remarkable three-word response to Joe Biden’s beer crackdown.

The nanny state is expanding at a shocking rate under President Joe Biden.

He directed his program to limit the nation’s freedom to make choices on everything from forcing them to use masks to trying to prohibit gas ranges as a public health hazard.

Now the Biden program took another shocking step toward controlling Americans’ lives by “advising” just how much beer can be consumed in a week.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol addiction director George Koob, Biden’s alcohol czar, informed the Daily Mail that the U.S. might follow the path set by Canada and advise that individuals take in no more than 2 beers a week.

“If there’s health advantages, I think people will begin to re-evaluate where we’re at,” Koob said. “I mean, they’re not going to increase, I’m pretty sure. So, if [beer intake standards] enter any instructions, it would be toward Canada.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) fired back at the most recent ridiculous proposal to limit freedom during an interview with Newsmax, informing him the routine can “kiss my a **.”

Host Eric Bolling asked Cruz about Biden’s alcohol czar’s potential crackdown on beer.

“Look, Eric, it is nuts,” Cruz said. “Primary, why does Biden have an alcohol czar? We do not need czars in the United States. Number 2, what is it with liberals that want to control every d *** aspect of your life?”

The Biden regime is rolling out a growing list of items they want to ban, whether it’s allegedly for public health or in the name of combating environment modification.

“Biden came in, among the very first things they wished to do was ban gas ranges– New York State has now done that for new construction,” Cruz described. “They’re trying to go after and control ceiling fans. I got ta inform you, it’s hot in Texas, we don’t wish to get rid of our ceiling fans.”

Virtually all contemporary benefits powered by nonrenewable fuel sources are being targeted by Democrats to cut carbon emissions.

“And now these idiots have actually come out and said, ‘Consume 2 beers a week,’ that’s their guideline,” Cruz added. “I’ve got ta inform you, if they desire us to drink two beers a week, frankly, they can kiss my a **.”

Cruz and a group from Texas with him in the background throughout the interview got a bottle of beer and took a drink at the conclusion of the interview.

Biden’s alcohol czar’s nanny state proposal reveals that there’s nothing safe from his out-of-control regime.