Space Race 2.0: Will the Chicoms win it?


Prolific China expert Gordon Chang put it succinctly: “We had better get American boots on the moon before the Chinese do. The Communists in Beijing tell us they will prevent us from going there if they arrive first, and whoever controls the moon will end up dominating just about everything else in the solar system, including our planet. Yes, the moon is that important.”

While control of the moon is not a high-profile issue, yet, it has the power to dictate the future of planet Earth. In their new book, “Red Moon Rising: How America Will Beat China on the Final Frontier,” former Trump administration official Peter Navarro and Greg Autry lay out the high stakes in this second “Space Race.”

Navarro, of course, currently is incarcerated as a political prisoner of the Biden regime.

Here is the book’s Introduction, entitled “The Moon is Keeping Us Up at Night”:

“I do not believe that this generation of Americans is willing to resign itself to going to bed each night by the light of a Communist moon.” – Lyndon Baines Johnson, Senate Floor, October 1957

“Why should the American government or billionaires be spending money in space when we have problems right here on Earth?” This is a question that advocates for NASA space exploration, space development, and space tourism are frequently forced to answer. It’s a fair question, and all too often, the answers of scientists and engineers have not satisfied.

As you will learn from this book, public and private space investments have delivered numerous benefits to those of us on Earth. Spoiler alert: these include GPS, weather forecasts, global communications, medical technologies, and much more. Research going on in space today promises revolutionary developments in pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and miraculous materials. If you care about the environment, you’ll discover the best environmental data and solutions (solar, fuel cells…) were developed for space.

More immediately important, a second Cold War is now upon us, this time with Communist China. It comes at a time when we face a cornucopia of domestic problems. Many, if not most of the economic, political, and social ills that plague our nation and world, are manifestations of a failure to confront the malfeasance of China’s Communist Party. You are living in the dystopian future that we warned of more than a decade ago in a previous book, “Death by China: Confronting the Dragon – A Global Call to Action” (2011, Pearson). The task of confronting the Dragon is now existential. The fight can no longer be left to future generations. Like the previous one, Cold War 2.0 comes with a space race, this time with China. We will keep our eye on Space Race 2.0 throughout this text.

As you might recall, America won the first space race on July 20, 1969, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin kicked up dust on the Moon. Their two-hour stroll on the surface of another world demonstrated that the Soviet Union was no match for America’s superior technology and economic power. By extension, it sent a clear message to the world that our political, civil, and educational systems, based on democracy, the rule of law, and individual freedom, delivered the goods far better than Moscow’s dreary socialist model. Tom Wolfe framed this most clearly in his novel “The Right Stuff,” where he wrote of America’s astronauts, “The men chosen for this historic mission took on the archaic mantles of the single-combat warriors of a long-since-forgotten time. … They were risking their lives for their country, for their people.”

Almost immediately after their failure to reach the Moon, the Soviet Union began its long downward spiral. Detente and eventually perestroika followed. Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative (aka “Star Wars”) leveraged the perception of American space superiority to drive a stake through the heart of that Evil Empire. Before any nuclear space shield could be deployed, Mikhail Gorbachev had the good sense to fold his cards and surrender Cold War 1.0. Nuclear Armageddon was postponed, and the peace dividend was paid out. Two generations of Americans have grown up without the formative experience of huddling in fear under their desk during nuclear attack drills.

With China’s rise, new horrors from space may await us all. The disturbing scenarios in this book are designed to keep you up at night with us. You will also learn how the competition from China is accelerating America’s efforts in space in ways that can provide our nation and all the people of the world a brighter future. We hope you will be alarmed, inspired, and motivated.

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