SIMPLY IN: Voter Fraud Operation BUSTED In Massachusetts– Video Reveals Democrat Scouring Mail Box For Tally


Massachusetts election authorities are investigating another suspected case of voter scams after 2 citizens in the ultra-liberal immigrant city of Lawrence reported that someone had unlawfully voted in their names.

One voter, who did not want to be identified, told regional news outlets that when he went to the polls to vote in the city’s community election on November 7th he was rejected, with an official claiming he had currently voted with an absentee mail tally. A 2nd voter, Rosalis Gonzalez, reported that an absentee tally was sent by mail in her name and contained a forged signature.

During an examination by the secretary of state, video evidence shows a woman approaching one voter’s mailbox and pilfering through mail in search of an absentee ballot, which she takes before leaving the home’s deck. Officials are still attempting to ascertain the lady’s identity.

Secretary of State William Galvin, a Democrat, said the investigation would conclude before the winning prospects start their new term in January.

“We’re on it. The minute we found out about it today we acted. We have actually had a history of sending people to prison when they commit criminal activities. That’s what we’ll do here,” he said.


< img src ="" width ="400"/ > New England, among the most liberal regions of the nation, is home to numerous alleged election scams attempts that took place previously this month. In Springfield, Massachusetts, a Democratic city council and prospect for mayor is accused of managing a plan to pay homeless residents $10 each if they appeared on Election Day to cast an elect him. And in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a judge has bought a 2nd Democratic primary election after an infamous Democratic tally harvester with a lengthy criminal history was caught on camera dumping hundreds of mail-in tallies into a drop box against the law.

Mainstream media outlets normally report that instances of voter fraud are exceptionally uncommon, though the current multitude of cases bring extra analysis to absentee ballot and mail-in ballots, both of which substantially increased and were expanded in practice throughout the COVID-19 shutdowns. The Republican National Committee has actually specified its intention to start training conservatives on how to match Democrats in success with collecting ballots, an indication that while GOP voters might discover the practice ripe for abuse, it might be here to stay in some parts of the nation.