Senator Kennedy DESTROYS Anti-Gun Doctor During Hearing- Causing Liberals to Freak Out


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) is seriously a national treasure. With his sharp wit and dry sense of humor, the man is amazing.

Throughout his tenure in the Senate, he has demonstrated these abilities in interviews with press and by opposing unfit Biden nominations.

After making fun of an anti-gun doctor called Megan Ranney from an Ivy League institution in front of the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Kennedy’s humor was once again on full show.

Ranney, an American emergency physician in practice, is the Yale School of Public Health’s dean at the moment.

In order to address the alleged gun violence issue in the country, she has called for a “public health approach.”

Naturally, communists have long viewed firearms as a public health concern and used it as a cover to disarm law-abiding citizens. The typical Trump fan may be considered mentally ill under the current administration and ineligible to possess a handgun.

During his questioning, Kennedy expertly exposed Ranney’s complete ignorance regarding gun deaths and left her confused with a funny yet pointed question at the end.

Kennedy: Let me ask you a question: why do you think Chicago has become America’s largest outdoor shooting range? Do you think it’s because of Chicago’s citizens who have no criminal record but have a gun in their home for protection…Or do you think it’s because of a finite group of criminals who have rap sheets as long as King Kong’s arm?

Ranney: So Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri have higher firearm death rates obviously, there’s…

Kennedy: What about Chicago?

Ranney: So I don’t live in Chicago. It’s not my primary area of research…

Kennedy: You don’t have an opinion on that?

Ranney: I think there’s easy access to firearms combined with environmental conditions and a lack of great education.

There have actually been studies that when you use green vacant lots and repair abandoned buildings in urban neighborhoods, you see decreases in gunshots and violence as well as in stress and depression in the neighborhoods around them.”

Kennedy: No disrespect, doc, but that sounds a lot like a word salad to me.

Kennedy continued by informing Ranney that a number of Democratic communities with left-leaning district attorneys had not pursued cases involving firearms. When he sought her opinion on this, she dodged the questions by saying she wasn’t a lawyer.

Then, the Louisiana senator dropped the hammer.

Kennedy: You equated gun deaths to heart disease in your opening statement.

Ranney: Yes, sir.

Kennedy: Which is a greater public health problem: gun deaths or heart disease?

Ranney: So heart disease does kill more folks across the United States…

Kennedy: Do you support outlawing fried foods?

Ranney: Uh, I’m sorry. How does that relate to…

Kennedy: Because fried foods contribute to heart disease. Don’t they?

Ranney: Again, I have not written or said I support outlawing…

Kennedy: But you’re a physician, right?

Kennedy’s questioning also had the bonus of triggering the leftist media mob, especially crazy Mika Brezenski.

Brezenski: That was racist, elitist, so condescending…

Guest: And ill-informed.

Brezenski: Ill-informed. And Senator, just for the record, you are dead wrong. And your insinuations and your tone and your choice of words are simply repulsive and show who you are…It doesn’t trigger us here; we’re not surprised.

However, Brezenski’s outburst is the perfect illustration of getting set off.

Joe Scarborough, her inferior half, also lost it.

He asserted that Ranney’s allegation that Chicago had a lower crime rate than several red states was the reason Kennedy lost.

However, there is a significant issue: state-level murder figures are incredibly misleading. Murder rates decrease when the blue cities are taken out of the red states.

But since this contradicts the anti-gun narrative, don’t expect the corporate media to acknowledge it.