SEE: Newsom Goes Crazy When DeSantis Slams VP Harris: ‘It’s Madam Vice President To You!’


California Governor Gavin Newsom became angered when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Vice President Kamala Harris throughout the set’s Fox News debate on Thursday night.

After the two traded attacks over pandemic handling, education, migration and a variety of extra subjects, DeSantis took aim at instructor’s unions, which donate overwhelmingly to Democrats. “Joe Biden remains in the pocket of the instructors’ unions, therefore is Kamala Harris. That’s why they fought school openings,” DeSantis declared.

The California governor instantly appeared over DeSantis’ criticism of the vice president, who represented Newsom’s state in the U.S. Senate before being selected as Biden’s running-mate. Newsom differed with his opponent’s accent and pronunciation of her name, claiming it was intentionally incorrect.

“It’s not kom-a-lah Harris, Ron, it’s Kamala Harris. Madam vice president, to you!” an angered Newsom shouted while shaking his fist at DeSantis. “Stop insulting her!”

Newsom likewise repeatedly went to bat for Harris’ boss, President Biden.

When asked to offer the president a letter grade, the California governor offered him an “A.” He likewise declared that President Biden has proposed a “comprehensive migration reform” plan and blamed Republicans for record-setting unlawful alien entries because 2021.

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