SEE: GOP Congresswoman Reacts To Trump VP Rumors: ‘It’s Captivating’


Recent speculations and media buzz have connected Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) as a potential vice-presidential pick for Donald Trump for his upcoming run. The congresswoman resolved these reports in a current interview, specifying that while the idea is “intriguing,” she remains committed to her work in South Carolina.

When questioned about her name being on the so-called ‘shortlist’ for Trump’s prospective VP choice, specifically considering the tumultuous tenure of former Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Mace reacted, “Well, I have not been asked yet and my focus is now on South Carolina as it always will be.”

While the Congresswoman’s response did not confirm or reject her interest in the VP spot, Mace’s name has actually long been connected to Trump’s VP area. Like lots of Republicans, Nancy Mace has actually supported much of Trump’s policies.

Mace discussed, “I believe it’s intriguing, it’s interesting, and I think it’s a conversation we require to have.” Mace revealed her desire for the Republican politician Celebration to prioritize women in higher offices, adding that she wants to influence the next generation of women to go for the presidency.

She ran for Congress in 2020 in a district that Trump had won in 2016, and her campaign was strengthened by conservative energy around the country during that duration.

Mace has actually represented a group of Republicans who face Trump’s ongoing influence on the celebration. While she has actually accepted many of his policies, she also appears to be advocating for a vision of the GOP that can interest a wider base without always pushing away Trump’s base.

Regardless of being overwhelmed with ongoing legal troubles over recent months, Trump is running away with the GOP election. All signs point towards a 2020 rematch versus current President Joe Biden, who is presently dipping in approval score.

While Trump’s former vice president, Mike Pence, is plainly not a candidate to be the VP once again, numerous female names have actually been synonymous with the role. Names such as Mace, Marjorie Green-Taylor (R-GA), and Kristi Noem (R-SD) have actually been linked to Trump for some time now.

That stated, the Republican politician Celebration has been split. A tumultuous Home Speaker elimination, and re-election, have shown simply how transparent the existing rifts are within the GOP. Trump’s influence is still strong as ever– and his pick for VP will be a huge indication regarding which direction the Republican politician Celebration will be moving towards in 2024.