SEE: Ballot Fraud Caught On Video Camera From Elections Held Recently


Here we go again with the “voter scams”that Americans have been informed nearly never, ever, ever happens in America. However NBC10 Boston has obtained video footage from a man’s home via Ring camera that relatively shows a female removing tallies from his mail box. Officials are now investigating another case of prospective citizen fraud in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Recently on Election Day, the man, who declined to be determined, went to cast his tally in person and was notified that, according to the list, he had actually currently done so. As a result, he reviewed the footage from his electronic camera before calling the cops. Currently under examination are any claims of possible voter misconduct by the Essex County District Attorney’s Workplace and Secretary of State William Galvin.

“We’re going to get all the ballots out of Lawrence, we’re going to get all the mail-in ballots and we’re going to examine whatever and all the provisionals and reconcile the list, and if further investigation calling a few of the people who supposedly voted by mail needs to be done, we will do it,” Galvin stated.

As of Tuesday afternoon, two events including taken ballots or possible voter scams had actually been reported in Lawrence. There is an investigation going on at both the state and regional level.

“There may be more. It’s premature to say the number of,” Galvin said.

“We’re going to get all the tallies out of Lawrence, “he likewise stated.”We’re going to get all the mail-in ballots, and we’re going to examine whatever and all the provisionals and reconcile the lists. In a more examination calling a few of individuals who supposedly voted by mail requires to be done. We will do it.”

The second report submitted was from a Lawrence woman who’s still waiting on elections authorities to choose whether her in-person vote will count, or the mail-in, where she states her signature was forged.

NBC10 reported that if that mail was taken out of those mail boxes, that’s a federal offense, and there could also be a federal investigation en route live in Boston.

No word on if the voters were for Republican or Democratic prospects.

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