Sean Hannity turned his back on Jim Jordan in one awful betrayal


Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Jim Jordan is going to be Speaker of your home.

Conservatives across the country desire him to win.

And Sean Hannity turned his back on Jim Jordan in one unsightly betrayal.

Throughout an interview with conservative Texas Congressman Chip Roy, Hannity appeared to surrender on electing Jim Jordan as Speaker of your house by cleaning his hands of the entire fight.

“Today, with all that’s going on the planet, you know, I wish to think that– the Republicans, with their really restricted margin that they have, would put aside petty differences and elect the speaker of your home so the people’s Home can be open once again. And I wouldn’t leave the space till you guys lastly decided who that person is. I ‘d like it to be Jim Jordan, however if you guys pick another person, that’s up to you guys,” Hannity informed Roy.

This came simply one day after Hannity ramped up contact Members of Congress to support Jordan for Speaker and even tweeted out the switchboard number welcoming his supporters to flood Members of Congress’ workplaces with call.

Hannity likewise safeguarded himself from an establishment RINO smear project over one of his producers asking the Swamp-aligned Republicans why they opposed Jordan as Speaker of your home.

“Why is it a shock to certain legislators and members of the media mob– all of you out there– that yours really, a member of journalism, is daring to ask chosen agents, the so-called public servants in this nation, if and when they prepare to wrap up this speaker battle and resume individuals’s Home amid growing turmoil both in your home and abroad?” Hannity stated on the air.

However since 25 RINOs in the GOP united to vote against Jordan since Jordan opposes a blank check for Ukraine and trillion-dollar spending bills, Hannity is prepared to wave the white flag and proceed.