Retired Army Colonel Launches Organization To Target Deep State Corruption: ‘The Threats Are Here At Home’



Retired U.S. Colonel and former advisor to the Secretary of Defense during the Trump administration Douglas Macgregor has taken the helm of an organization that seeks to tackle government corruption. Colonel Macgregor is now the chief executive officer of the organization Our Country Our Choice (OCOC). He made a public statement over the weekend describing the problems the United States faced and observed that “the threats are here at home” rather than primarily abroad and vowed that his organization would help guide the country back on the right track.


Colonel Macgregor called OCOC “a non-partisan organization that promotes traditional, conservative values in American government as well as prosperity at home and peace aboard.” He further said, “I am speaking to you today because America confronts its biggest crisis since World War 2. However, this time, the existential threats to the American people are not thousands of miles away on some foreign battlefield. The threats are here at home. Some call the threat the Deep State. Others point to the swamp. Regardless of what we call them, the threats from political corruption, deceit, and the collapse of integrity in American government are real.”

“Our Country Our Choice consists of Americans like you. People who know the swamp in Washington D.C. is too deep and too wide for any one man or woman to drain. Our Country Our Choice is building the platform and the tools Americans need to drain the swamp. We are launching our service in the fall and our service is free,” assured Colonel Macgregor.

Colonel Macgregor then somberly remarked, “Our country is in free fall. It’s time to fight back. Americans’ traditional values of God, country, and family are under attack. If you love our country please join us. Our country needs you. Together, we can change the destiny of our nation. Let us show you how.”

The retired colonel’s comments were generally well-received on X (formerly Twitter). One user, Indigenous-Pragmatist, commented, “he is a great american colonel douglas macgregor & someone i respect highly. he represents the best of america & what it is & should be. my hope is that america will adjust to a foreign policy of cooperation abroad not just in the west but in its engagement with the wider world.”

Another user, Live Not by Lies, simply said, “He should run for president.” The website for the organization reads, “Our Country Our Choice was founded by a group of regular hard-working Americans, who simply could not watch our America being destroyed in front of our own eyes. The ruling elite’s worst nightmare is the patriots uniting and organizing in massive numbers and exchanging truthful information without false narratives. This is how we take back the power from the corrupt political class in Washington. Our politicians must begin to respect the people who are paying their salaries.”