Resettling Palestinians in the U.S. ‘does not compute’


In one of the earliest manifestations of fictionalized artificial intelligence – the 1965 sci-fi television program“Lost in Space” – the robot, upon receiving confusing queries, responded, “Does not compute.” This has become a catchphrase and, as such, is appropriately applied today in trying to understand President Joe Biden’s thinking in considering the permanent resettlement of Palestinian refugees from Gaza into the U.S. As one weighs this possibility against current U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy, something does not compute.

On Oct. 2, 2020, USCIS issued a release providing policy guidance regarding immigrants and their “inadmissibility based on membership in a totalitarian party.” It explains why as follows:

“Membership in or affiliation with the Communist Party or any other totalitarian party is inconsistent and incompatible with the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America, which includes pledging to ‘support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States.'”

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Simply put, one cannot serve two masters, and the master in the United States is our Constitution. But the Biden administration seems oblivious as to why this should pose an issue concerning Palestinian resettlement.

The inadmissibility of immigrants harboring totalitarian affiliations stems from two intentions of our Founding Fathers.

  • First, there was to be no state religion. In other words, while all religions are welcome, none is to receive priority over another – i.e., all religions are equal.
  • Second, underscoring the above, separation between church and state must be maintained. No U.S. government office can exercise influence promoting one religion over another. Thus, while the Catholic Church opposes abortion, the federal government cannot implement an abortion ban just to comply with Catholic Church doctrine as doing so would demonstrate favoritism for Catholicism over other religions that permit it.

Let us now examine how the above applies to Biden’s Palestinian immigrant resettlement.

Palestinians in Gaza voted Hamas into office in 2006. Hamas, which was designated a terrorist group in 1997, has not allowed any elections since then. The Islamic beliefs of Hamas were known to the Palestinians who, by their vote, clearly demonstrated allegiance to its ideology – one encompassing intentions completely contrary, for those resettling in the U.S., to those of our Founding Fathers.

Hamas only recognizes one religion – Islam – along with the need that believers convert non-believers either voluntarily or by force to it or force them to subordinate their religion to Islam. One need only look to Muslim majority states to see the effort underway to purge, convert or kill non-believers.

Once Islamic supremacy is established, the vehicle for governance is a caliphate, which then dictates the behavior of the people by applying its law, known as Shariah. Any way you look at it, the head of the caliphate is a totalitarian leader.

The model for the above is already in play in Iran. The religious leader there, the Ayatollah Khamenei, ideally seeks to rule the world under an Islamic global caliphate. And, while it may be difficult to believe, even one of our NATO allies – Turkey – has been slowly retrogradingfrom a democracy to a caliphate as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seeks a return to the glory days of the early 20th century and the Ottoman Empire – which operated as a caliphate under a sultan. Interestingly, were the world to be reduced to these two caliphates, despite both being ruled by Shariah, each would be fighting to eliminate the other as they represent different Islamic sects.

But, as should be clear under caliph rule, there is no separation of church and state as, under Islam, the two are blended into a single religious state, ruled by a caliph – a totalitarian ruler.

The first U.S. president to truly understand Islam, recognizing the threat it presented to democracy, was Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809). In fact, he kept a copy of the Quran in his personal library. His desire to learn about the religion was piqued even before he became president as a newly independent America was confronted by the reality of the Barbary pirates’ caliphate.

While the good news for America was that it had won its revolution against England in 1783, the bad news was that it no longer had protection for its maritime commerce the British navy had provided. Thus, U.S. commercial ships navigating the Mediterranean Sea were attacked and captured by the Muslim Barbary pirates of North Africa.

Initial treaties were made with the pirates to pay tribute providing American vessels with safe passage. When Jefferson was ambassador to France, he met in London in 1785 with a Barbary ambassador to negotiate one such treaty. He queried the Muslim ambassador why U.S. ships were being attacked. The Muslim ambassador explained it was written in the Quran “that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet (Muhammad) were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave.”

Keeping the above in mind after becoming president, Jefferson commissioned the building of the U.S. Navy to confront what he knew would eventually come – war with the Muslim pirates – one in which America ultimately prevailed.

We cannot lose sight of the fact that, almost 240 years later, the intentions of the Muslim ambassador are really no different from those embraced by Hamas, which has been indoctrinating Palestinians accordingly. And Biden seeks to bring them to the U.S. knowing that based on these intentions as “good faith” Muslims, they cannot, in all honesty, take the oath of citizenship mandating they pledge to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States” as Islamic superiority to all other religions under a totalitarian rule is their sole mandate.

As if the above is not reason enough not to resettle Palestinian refugees in the U.S., we should heed the policy of all the Palestinians’ Muslim neighbors who refuse to accept them.

Interestingly, concerning our citizenship oath, there is a concept in Islam that would allow Palestinian refugees resettling here with a way to end run it, known as “taqiyya.” Islam enables its followers to exercise taqiyya by lying to non-believers, deceiving them for the sole purpose of furthering the religion only when believers are in a more powerful position to do so. Resettling Gaza’s Palestinians in the United States puts them on the right track to achieve just such a position.

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