REPORT: Islamic Jihad Rocket Misfires, Kills Hundreds In Gaza Health Center


Reports have actually come in from sources in Israel recommending a surge that struck a the Al-Ahli Arabi medical facility in Gaza City Tuesday, declared by Hamas to be an Israeli airstrike, was actually the result of a failed rocket launch by the terrorist forces of Islamic Jihad.

As reported by Townhall Media, Hamas instantly required to social media and journalism to condemn Israel, identifying the surge as an attack on the healthcare facility by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). However, video revealed by Israel War Space on X, supports the theory that the explosion that resulted in heavy Palestinian casualties was the outcome of a misfired rocket targeted at Israel.

IDF spox Jonathan Conricus emphasized the theory to CNN host Boris Sanchez:

“We are all too knowledgeable about the cynical control that Hamas looks for to do by using civilians exactly for these functions and we have actually seen that all over the numerous years of dispute that we’ve had with Hamas and more so throughout this war, they have no borders. They bomb their own civilians. They– they attack them and use violence and, in this case … they are attempting to take advantage of this unfortunate occurrence of a misfire of an Islamic Jihad rocket in order to take advantage of pressure on Isreal.”

Israel War Room wrote, “Reports recommend that the mass casualty event at the Baptist Hospital in Gaza City was the result of a misfired rocket launch by Hamas. No IDF air activity was reported at the time and the timing coincided with a salvo of rockets gone for Israel. Reminder: 30-40% of Hamas’ rockets misfire and land brief in the Gaza Strip.”

In an official statement, the IDF said, “Following an analysis by the IDF’s operational systems, a barrage of rockets was released toward Israel, which passed in the vicinity of the hospital, when it was hit. According to intelligence information from a number of sources we have, Islamic Jihad terrorist organization is accountable for the failed rocket launch that hit the healthcare facility.”

According to The Guardian, cited by Trending Politics’ Collin Rugg, between 200-300 individuals were killed in the explosion.

The Gaza health ministry, a Palestinian government office run by Hamas, declares a minimum of 500 individuals had actually been killed in the explosion, and advised the death toll was likely to rise.

Jonathan Conricus, a global spokesperson for IDF, informed CNN, “We did not strike that medical facility. We do not purposefully strike any sensitive centers, and certainly not hospitals. We are quite familiar with the existence of civilians.”

He included,” [A] nything said by Hamas must be taken with severe caution and uncertainty, and I prompt all reporters to be really careful when they report what Hamas states and when they base reporting on those occasions.

Conricus shared Al Jazeera video that might confirm the unintentional strike as being from Hamas.

Jordan Schachtel, publisher of The File, reported, “One minute before a rocket exploded a medical facility in Gaza, Hamas announced on Telegram that they were introducing their most robust weapons in the toolbox at Haifa. No rockets reached Haifa. High possibility these hit the medical facility and triggered secondary surges within building,” also sharing screenshots of the Arabic Telegram post to X.

He added, “There is zero proof of an Israeli air campaign on the hospital, but videos are surfacing of sustained rocket fire coming out of Gaza at the very same time that the healthcare facility exploded. Hamas shops ammo depots in civilian locations, especially schools and medical facilities. This is not speculation, however a truth uncovered hundreds of times for many years. This is the disaster of Hamas guideline.”

Schachtel even more reported that Al Jazeera has actually currently withdrawed its preliminary report that the medical facility was struck by an Israeli airstrike.