Rep. Thomas Massie Has A Brilliant Idea To Immediately FREE Steve Bannon


Free Steve Bannon!

Turns out there’s a possible route to do this.

Rep. Thomas Massie points out the simple path.

Rescind the subpoena and repudiate the J6 committee.

We just need Congress to vote on this.

.@SpeakerJohnson, why don’t we rescind the Congressional subpoena for Steve Bannon and officially repudiate the J6 committee by a vote of Congress?

— Thomas Massie (@RepThomasMassie) June 7, 2024

But how can we help?

Glad you asked.

Time to turn those phones you have into weapons against the Deep State…

and reach out to Speaker Mike Johnson.

Have YOU called #SpeakerJohnson‘s office yet demanding that Steve Bannon’s subpoena be rescinded?

👉 202-225-2777

Be polite.

Peacefully and Patriotically and Legally make your voice heard!

— (@DailyNoahNews) June 7, 2024

ABC News reports:

A federal judge has ordered former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to surrender to prison by July 1, revoking his bail.

The Department of Justice had requested that Bannon begin his four-month prison term in connection with his contempt of Congress conviction.

U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols heard arguments Thursday in Washington, D.C.

Following the judge’s ruling, Bannon spoke to cameras outside of the courthouse, reiterating his intent to appeal his conviction and attacking top officials at the Justice Department.

“All of this is about one thing. Shutting down the MAGA movement. Shutting down grassroots conservatives, shutting down President Trump,” Bannon said.

“There’s not a prison built or jail built that will ever shut me up,” Bannon said.

Bannon was sentenced to four months for contempt of Congress in October 2022 after he was found guilty of defying a subpoena from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, but Judge Nichols agreed to postpone the jail term while Bannon appealed the conviction.

After the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Bannon’s conviction last month, federal prosecutors requested that the judge order Bannon to begin his four-month sentence

Liberals were quick to say that MAGA had “a meltdown” over this.

Just remember, you’re not allowed to be upset over our rights being trampled.

That makes you an extremist having a meltdown.

It is with great sadness and anger that we observe the death of the judicial system in America.

Steve Bannon sought judicial review of the illegal demands of a runaway congressional committee, unlike any ever comprised. It was literally a matter of first impression.


— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) June 6, 2024

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