‘Relocating That Instructions’: Jim Jordan Hints At Biden Impeachment


Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), a high-ranking Home Republican politician, was interviewed by Fox News‘ Maria Bartiromo who asked him whether Congress was preparing to impeach members of the Biden administration. After Mr. Jordan covered the numerous scandals, Bartiromo asked, “All of this leads to many individuals in your house stating it is time to draw up impeachment short articles– are you moving to impeach Chief law officer Merrick Garland?” The Ohio lawmaker stated “This is a concern for the complete conference however I will tell you this the Speaker has actually been clear … [he] stated if we have to go to an impeachment query we will in fact do that.”

Rep. Jordan included, “It sure looks like all this evidence which keeps accumulating based on what Senator Grassley [R-IO] launched today with the 1023 type [declaring Biden took a bribe], what we heard from the whistleblowers this previous week [that numerous Biden officials have not been honest about their probe into the president’s son and how specific leads that could have opened an investigation into the president’s involvement in his child’s organization negotiations were closed down], and the conflicting declarations from the Justice Department it sure appear like we are relocating that direction at a pretty quick rate.”

“Eventually Maria that is a question for the full conference- the Republican conference in the House of Representatives- we will do what the Constitution needs if that is where we require to go,” said Jordan. Jordan further informed Bartiromo, “If we do head down this roadway [of impeachment] it completely consumes Congress. I was, as you know, … on the other side of this when Democrats did their ridiculous impeachment of Trump 4 years back and the quantity of time and focus it just requires from the Congress is substantial.”

Mr. Jordan stressed that “if that is where we require to go since that is what the truths state then that is what our constitutional duty is then we will obviously move in that instructions.”

Maria Bartiromo then cited a post from the Federalist that argued that allegations over Biden’s Ukraine bribery scheme warrant impeachment and asked Jordan what he planned to do over this. Jordan stated, “That may be the question too. It may not be about the Attorney general of the United States so much … it could be more about the president himself. Once again, that is the method Chairman Comer [R-KY] is going to pursue his examination.”